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Based on Judge Torres Ruling Model, Attorney Jeremy Hogan Predicts XRP Lawsuit Ruling Date

Attorney Jeremy Hogan, a Partner at Hogan & Hogan law enterprise, has predicted a new date for Judge Torres’s final ruling on the protracted legal battle between the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple Inc.

Recall that earlier this year, Jeremy forecasted that the legal case would be over before March 31, 2023. However, the lawsuit is still on, and Hogan hinted at a new ruling date based on Torres’s ruling style.

In a recent tweet on his verified Twitter handle with about 269k followers, Hogan noted that Judge Torres would issue a final verdict in mid-July. Also, in previous news, Jeremy maintained that the Judge Might Wait for the release of Hinman’s documents before the final judgment.

Judge Torres’ Judgement Patterns

Per Attorney Hogan, Judge Torres seems to pronounce significant judgment in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the SEC every nine weeks. Attorney Hogan mentioned September 29, December 19, March 6, and May 16 as dates on which the court issued crucial verdicts in the litigation.

Recall that September 29th was the day the court ordered the SEC to surrender Hinman’s documents to Ripple Labs after a heated court procedure that dragged on for almost 18 months.

On December 19, Judge Torres ruled over both parties’ appeal to conceal documents associated with Daubert’s motions. Also, on March 6th, Judge Torres issued an order she would likely consider in her final judgment.

Finally, on May 16th, Judge Torres gave her verdict on the SEC and Ripple’s appeal to seal cross-motions for summary judgment and accompanying exhibits. The ruling on May 16th rejected the SEC’s proposal to conceal Hinman’s documents.


Meanwhile, Attorney Jeremy’s prediction coincided with the stipulated period hinted at for the conclusion of the legal case by Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse. Jeremy also emphasized that his prediction stems from the pattern he observed from previous court proceedings.

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