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Market Watcher Sees XRP Reaching Double-Digit Price in the Long Run, Says $19 is Possible

A crypto market watcher, known on Twitter as Nick | Crypto Crusader, has recently showcased his resolute belief in seeing a double-digit XRP price in the long run.

In a recent tweet, Nick called the attention of the XRP community members who were around in 2020 to XRP at $20-$30 price predictions that haven’t morphed into reality.

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Nick | Crypto Crusader wrote, “If you were around in 2020, then you probably know of the historical XRP $20-$30 price predictions. Although they never morphed into reality, I do believe we will see a double-digit XRP eventually.”

Accumulating XRP Below $0.5 is a Crucial Opportunity

In the long tweet, Nick pinpointed that the ongoing litigation between Ripple and the U.S. SEC has been the reason behind XRP’s lethargic growth over the last two years. But he thinks investors should leverage the scenario to accumulate more XRP.

The Crypto Crusader also acknowledged Ripple’s effort in expanding its reach across the crypto ecosystem, which would later boost XRP usability.

Nick noted:

“The SEC suppressed price action greatly on XRP. I do wonder where we would be today if it weren’t for the lawsuit. Thanks for protecting retail investors, right?

“The good news is that we still have the opportunity to accumulate under .50 and we might even get a chance at 0.20-0.30 again. Today we know that Ripple is expanding it’s #crypto offering to institutional giants through tokenization, liquidity management, CBDC/Stablecoin issuance & much more. The XRPL continues to thrive with incredible development updates, user activity & growth, as well as more and more use cases.”

XRP Can’t Attain All-Time High Again? Ridiculous

Nick continued by stating that it’s ridiculous to say it’s impossible for XRP to surpass its ATH when its market capitalization still stands at around $24 billion.

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Citing the current market cap of the two largest cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), he said it’s not impossible for XRP to amass over $1 trillion market cap. He thereby urged XRP holders to be patient.


“There is so much more substance behind XRP today than 2017/2018 for example. I have heard arguments of there never being an ATH for XRP again, it’s ridiculous. The market cap of Bitcoin at ATHs was just over $1T and Ethereum has over $580B. It’s absolutely crazy to think that XRP will never be worth $500B-$1T+ with everything happening behind the scenes. Patience is a virtue, those who see the vision will be rewarded.”

Considering the $1 trillion market cap assertion and the current price of XRP, Nick’s predicted double-digit is any price above $19. If Bitcoin could reach $1 trillion, it’s also possible for XRP. However, it’s a mere opinion, not to be treated as investment advice.

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