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Forbes Top Contributor: “XRP Army is carrying all of the cryptocurrencies on its back”

Sam Lyman, a popular Forbes contributor, has recently showered praise on the XRP community, noting that the community is presently carrying all of the cryptocurrencies on its back via the lawsuit between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

According to Lyman, a potential victory for Ripple in the court will open a new dawn that will ensure the protection of digital assets in the United States.

Captioning a Forbes article titled “Ripple Effects From SEC Suit Could Strengthen Coinbase Litigation”, Lyman commended the significant role of the XRP community in ensuring that cryptocurrencies do not get swept under the carpet in the U.S.

Sam Lyman tweeted, “Right now, the #XRPArmy is carrying all of the cryptocurrencies on its back. If the court rules in favor of @Ripple, it would provide a critical legal precedent for the industry that would protect digital assets from further overreach by the SEC.”

What Lyman Thinks of XRP Lawsuit Process

Lyman seems confident about XRP’s imminent victory in the law court. In one of our previous news stories, we reported how Lyman argued that the SEC is taking on more than it could handle in the XRP lawsuit. Lyman also pointed out that the ruling by Judge Torres to unseal Hinman’s documents will further expose the SEC’s weakness and eventually result in victory for Ripple and XRP when Judge Torres pronounces her final judgment.

Present Standings in the Lawsuit

Recall that Judge Torres had granted a week extension for unsealing the Hinman documents. Also, Pro-XRP lawyer Attorney Jeremy Hogan hinted at the possibility of a final judgment coming after the Hinman documents have been made public. With the new date for the unsealing of Hinman documents now set for 13th June, a final ruling is imminent.


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Chinedu Agbakwusi
Chinedu Agbakwusi
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