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As XRP Now In Oversold Area, Analyst States Next Resistance Level Before $1.05

In a recent post on X, crypto analyst Dark Defender (@DefendDark) provides a comprehensive analysis of XRP, delving into its correction, oversold conditions, and potential price movements.

Dark Defender begins by asserting that XRP’s corrective structure in the 4-hour time frame has concluded, suggesting a potential shift in market dynamics. Corrective structures often precede significant price movements. The implication is that XRP might be gearing up for a notable shift in its value.

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Highlighting XRP’s current position in the oversold area, Dark Defender implies that the cryptocurrency may be poised for a rebound.

Oversold conditions, typically measured using indicators like the Relative Strength Index (RSI), suggest that the asset’s price has fallen more than what might be justified, potentially signaling an upcoming price reversal.

Investors often interpret this as a buying opportunity. For XRP’s first move, the analyst states, “We can expect a move to $0.6649 first.”

The 5-Wave Structure

Dark Defender affirms that the 5-wave structure remains intact because XRP closed above the $0.6131 daily frame. This analysis builds on a previous one based on Elliott Wave Theory.

The Elliott Wave Theory posits that market trends move in a series of five waves, with three upward (impulse) and two downward (corrective) movements. By stating that the wave structure remains intact, Dark Defender suggests that the broader trend for XRP remains bullish.

However, he also alludes to a potential threat to this bullish scenario. The weekly frame is still in progress, and Dark Defender emphasizes the significance of whether it closes below $0.6131. A weekly close below this level could challenge the validity of the 5-wave structure, potentially signaling a downward shift in the overall trend.

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However, Dark Defender maintains his price targets of $0.87 to $1.05 for XRP. The analyst sees the potential for a substantial price increase in the future, and investors should be on the lookout for a likely massive move for XRP.


As always, investors need to approach such analyses cautiously, considering the inherent volatility of cryptocurrency markets and the speculative nature of price predictions. Thorough research and risk management are crucial for navigating the crypto landscape.

Dark Defender also has higher predictions for XRP. The analyst recently gave an in-depth analysis of XRP’s path to $13 or $18 based on the same Elliott Wave Theory.

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