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Analyst to XRP Holders: Next 3-12 Months Could be a Life-Changing Window. Here’s why

Egrag Crypto, a top crypto analyst, has recently shared a post analyzing the price movements of XRP using the Gaussian Channel (GC) on TradingView.

Before delving into his analysis, Egrag explained the Gaussian Channel. In his words, “The Gaussian Channel, derived from the normal distribution, is a crucial tool to analyze price movements. It visualizes price fluctuations around a mean, indicating volatility levels.

“The width of the channel is indicative of volatility, aiding in assessing risk. It also helps in identifying support & resistance levels, & in estimating the probability of future price movements. GC  is an invaluable tool for risk management & informed decision-making in trading.”

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Going further, Egrag focuses on a green Gaussian Channel on the chart, which he believes provides valuable insights for interpreting future XRP price movements by analyzing historical trends and durations of similar green channels. He compares the current situation to three previous instances of the green channel, labeled A, B, and C on the chart.

According to Egrag Crypto, Green A has already passed, while Green B is expected to end around June 2025 and Green C is likely to end around January 2025. He emphasizes that these dates should not be interpreted as the peak of the XRP price cycle, but rather as the beginning of a deeper bear market phase.

Egrag Crypto discourages using these dates as an exit strategy and instead suggests they be viewed as a possible starting point for a more substantial bear market.

The analyst wrote, “Please note that these dates do not signify the cycle top but rather indicate the beginning of the #bear market’s deep phase. Hence, these dates should not be used as an exit strategy but rather as an anticipation of the start date of the deep #Bear market stage.”

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The tweet concludes with a message to XRP holders, encouraging them to stay steady as the next 3-12 months could be a significant window.


It is important to note that this tweet does not constitute financial advice and viewers should conduct their due diligence before making investment decisions.

Egrag Crypto isn’t the only analyst with interesting predictions for XRP. U-copy, another prominent analyst, believes XRP is poised for a substantial price swing in the coming months.

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