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Altcoin Daily Host: XRP Is On the Cusp of a Huge Price Break Out

Aaron Arnold, the host of a vastly followed cryptocurrency trading show, Altcoin Daily, has showcased his bullishness on Ripple’s digital token XRP, stating that digital currency is on the cusp of a huge price break out.

Arnold made this known in a recent YouTube update. In the video, the Altcoin Daily host shared predictions for other altcoins that he thinks have the potential to print huge price movements soonest.

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Due to several key charting metrics, the host pointed out that XRP is likely on the verge of exploding.

30% Price Breakout Is Likely For XRP

According to Aaron Arnold, the digital token XRP is showcasing bullish trade signals on the parabolic stop and reverse (SAR) indicator. He thereby predicted that the signals could eventually push XRP to print a 30% increase.

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Arnold noted:

“XRP is on the verge of a 30% price move. XRP looks ready to spike in volatility. Could see its price move by more than 30%…the Parabolic [SAR] points have turned bullish, indicating that a breakout is underway.”

Credible Crypto Believes $20 and $30 XRP Is On the Cards in This Bull Cycle

Credible Crypto, a top crypto analyst and trader, is also bullish on the price of XRP. According to the trader, the cryptocurrency could soon follow the 2017 bullish trend to $20 or $30 price level.

Credible Crypto noted:

“The biggest gains happen in the last 10% of the bull market. Keep in mind that XRP was trading at $0.22 in 2017 and in one month it went up to $3.30. It went 10X in a month…

“Something similar can be expected here. I think if we can break the all-time high within the next few months then we’re easily going to go – 3 to 5X is very reasonable. Again, in 2017 we went 10X. 3 to 5X is easy. $10.00 minimum is where I’l consider taking profits.”

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“We have a ways to go is what I’m getting at here. Again, my targets for XRP as I’ve said many many times, stand at $20 to $30 at the end of this bull cycle, whether that be six months or a year for now.

That is my target. Things will get exciting, things will accelerate aggressively after we break all-time highs. The hardest part is getting back to all-time highs. As we break all-time highs there’s no sell pressure above and it becomes very easy to climb the ranks and to get higher and higher.”

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