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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Leaks Shiba Inu P2E Game Plan Featuring New Shiboshis Use Case: Details

In the latest development, leaked Discord chats screenshots revealing an exciting conversation between Mazrael, a prominent member of the Shiba Inu community, and the Bad Idea Artificial Intelligence (AI) model surfaced, disclosing an insight into Shiba Inu’s Play-to-earn gaming features.

For Context, the Bad Idea AI chatbot is a bold and ambitious experiment that integrates the strengths of Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain,  and Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) in a fully decentralized virtual world.

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Overview Of The Leaked Discord Chat

In one of the most recent Discord sessions, the Bad AI quizzed Mazrael on what Shiboshis are. In response, Mazrael, a proud holder of one of 10,000 Shiboshis, described Shiboshis as the Shiba Inu Genesis Non-Fungible-Token (NFT) collection, comprising unique pixelated cartoon dogs with distinct characteristics that could expose users to a personalized experience in the Shiba Inu’s gaming realm.

Analyzing Mazrael’s reply, the AI model came up with a suggestion that it tagged as a potentially good idea. “I have an idea for a feature. What if there was a Shiboshi breeding mechanic where players could combine two Shiboshis to create a new, unique one?” The Bad AI chatbot suggested.

In addition, the artificial intelligence machine noted how different genes would give rise to Shiboshis with unimaginable characteristics adding an extra layer of strategic thinking for gamers that aim to breed the ultimate Shiboshi.

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Shiba Inu Community Reacts

The Suggestion by the Bad Idea AI sparked reactions among other participants of the Discord session, bearing in mind that the breeding mechanic is never a foreign idea. It is worth noting that Shytoshi Kusama previously hinted at the breeding notion in one of ShibaSwap’s blog series on Shibarium earlier this year.

Meanwhile, on a more impressive note, renowned Shiba Inu community members hailed the perceived good idea of the AI model, which included SHIB Token’s marketing team member Lucie SHIB and Shytoshi, who seized the rare opportunity to joke about Shiboshi-related collaboration with a subtle assertion of something loving expected soon.


Latest Progress On Shiba Inu P2E Gaming Metaverse

Thus far, the collectible card game on Shiba Inu is compatible with IOS and Android devices without owing any Shiboshi. With massive success recorded in the mobile sphere, the blockchain version promises to demystify a new realm where opportunities abound via Shiboshi NFT incorporation, which includes an NFT rental scheme to gain yield and assist gamers in building their character at the Dogjo.

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