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XRP to $10,000 Feasible? Expert Chartists Set Predictions for XRP by 2030

The recent surge in the price of XRP is too impressive to be ignored. Accordingly, the 6th largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization has made it to the watchlist of top crypto analysts and TA experts including Peter Brandt, Dark Defender, and Egrag Crypto among others. 

Recall that veteran investor Peter Brandt recently showed a rare bottom ‘compound fulcrum’ formation on the XRP chart, setting his XRP price target at $3. 

Likewise, popular pseudonymous analysts Dark Defender and Egrag Crypto have shared their bullish outlooks on XRP, predicting their price movements for the Ripple-supported digital token in the remaining months of 2023 down till 2030. Ultimately, both crypto strategists charted the possible path XRP could take to $10,000 per coin. 

As per Dark Defender’s analysis, there are three uptrend waves XRP could follow from April 2023 to December 2023. As seen on the published XRP/USD chart, Wave 1 which kicked off from $0.4258 is expected to take XRP to the $4 zone. Dark Defender predicts the Wave 2 and Wave 5 rallies to catapult the XRPL native token to $27 and $133 respectively.

From the foregoing, the analyst expects XRP to touch $133 by the end of 2023. Dark Defender based his analysis on a previous price action staged by the asset in 2017. Then the asset’s price went all the way up to $3.55 after hitting a low of $0.3989 in May 2017. As written on the chart, he expects a similar breakout in 2023.  

On the other hand, Egrag Crypto suggests that XRP could peak at $27 by December 2023, citing the same 2017 price action that took XRP’s price to $3.56. Using the Atlas Line charting tool, the top TA expert showed a resistance at $0.59 that if broken would take XRP to a critical level — $0.7. 

This $0.7 point is critical because it serves as the trend line resistance which has been tested twice already in 2017 and 2021. As per Egrag Crypto’s chart, a breakout from $0.7 would catapult XRP to $27 per coin. 


In another chart, the pseudonymous crypto strategist revealed a possible trajectory XRP could take to reach $120 by July 2024. 

XRP Price Prediction

At the time of writing, XRP is exchanging hands at $0.516, indicating a 16.37% increase in the last 7 days.

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Ndianabasi Tom
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