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XRP Ledger (XRPL) Throughput Increased From 1,500 to 3,400 Transactions Per Second

In a recent announcement, Ripple stated that it has boosted the throughput of the XRP Ledger from 1,500 Transactions Per Second (TPS) to an impressive 3,400 TPS. The news has sparked discussions within the XRP community, with members questioning the validity and implications of this sudden surge in throughput.

Unearthing the Development

The development was first highlighted by Kevin Cage, an Investment Advisor at Iron Key Capital, who brought attention to the substantial leap in the XRP Ledger’s throughput. Ripple’s official website also now proudly displays the upgraded TPS rate, raising eyebrows and prompting various reactions from the community.

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Prominent XRP community member Krippenreiter shed some light on the matter, pointing out that three Pull Requests on GitHub aimed at enhancing throughput and stabilizing the ledger. While two of these requests have been completed and are set for deployment with rippled v1.12, Krippenreiter emphasized that these numbers remain hypothetical and warrant further scrutiny.

Interestingly, the Ripple engineering team had previously addressed this topic in a release. In the report, the team revealed that initial testing in 2015 showcased a meager 80 TPS. However, recent tests conducted for an upcoming release achieved a remarkable 3,400 TPS, signifying an extraordinary 4000% improvement.

This substantial increase was primarily attributed to a meticulous testing process, consisting of three distinct phases with a focus on maintaining network stability and performance.

Debates Surrounding the Showcased TPS Figures

It’s worth noting that the previously showcased 1,500 TPS throughput of the XRP Ledger had always been a subject of debate. In April, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), David Schwartz, acknowledged that they had never observed the XRPL handling up to 1,500 TPS live on the mainnet.

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Schwartz clarified that the initial figure might have been “poorly worded” and could indicate the XRPL’s potential ability to consistently handle that level of load.

However, with the official website now displaying a throughput of 3,400 TPS, doubts arise regarding the authenticity of this claim. Some question whether it represents an actual technological achievement or if it falls into the realm of hypothetical projections, similar to the previous 1,500 TPS. Notably, Schwartz had previously mentioned that the XRPL could handle only 300 to 500 TPS.


The XRP community awaits further clarification and evidence that can substantiate Ripple’s latest claims, as the implications of such a breakthrough in throughput could have far-reaching effects on the network’s scalability and broader cryptocurrency adoption.

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