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XRP Healthcare Suspends XRP to XRPH Swap. Here’s Why

XRP Healthcare, a frontrunner in harnessing blockchain technology to revolutionize the healthcare landscape, has decided to suspend its XRP to XRPH token swap facility, which was recently introduced to its mobile wallet app, by June 7, 2024.

This new development was recently announced via a press release. The initiative comes due to the surging demand for XRPH tokens and shows the company’s commitment to preserving the token’s finite supply.

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XRP Healthcare operates the first-ever Pharma and Healthcare platform built on the XRP Ledger. This platform facilitates swift global payments, enhances healthcare accessibility in developing nations, and fosters real-world utility by driving positive change in global healthcare through strategic mergers and acquisitions.

Expansion into Africa

The company is actively pursuing expansion plans throughout Africa, focusing on Uganda. This includes successfully registering their trademark in Uganda, a crucial step for branding private healthcare acquisitions of pharmacies, medical centers, and hospitals under the XRP Healthcare logo.

XRP Healthcare has also recently achieved significant milestones, as the XRPH token has experienced a meteoric rise, climbing from over #3,500 in the CoinMarketCap rankings to around #1,500. Although the token experienced a slight decline recently, this initiative to increase scarcity could help it climb higher.

XRP Healthcare is currently raising funds to fuel mergers and acquisitions of private healthcare facilities. The company is committed to self-sufficiency, operating independently without reliance on third parties.

Preserving Token Value Through Scarcity

The XRPH token has a fixed total supply of only 100 million. To ensure the token’s scarcity remains intact for the long term, XRP Healthcare has rendered the issuing account inoperable, effectively preventing the creation of additional tokens.

This approach, known as blackholing, is very different from traditional financial systems where governments and central banks hold the authority to inflate the money supply at will. This unrestrained printing of fiat currency can erode its value over time.

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Scarcity is a major driver of cryptocurrency prices and plays a fundamental role in the cryptocurrency world. Bitcoin, a prominent example, undergoes a halving event roughly every four years. This event reduces the reward for mining new blocks by half, inherently limiting the supply of new Bitcoins.

Another good example is the widely popular meme coin Shiba Inu (SHIB), which burns tokens to increase its price. XRP Healthcare’s CEO believes this move will protect the tokens’ long-term viability. He hopes customers can benefit from the XRPH’s finite supply as the tokens become increasingly scarce.

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