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XRP Army Debates: Does XRP Need Multi-Generational Wait Time to Generate Multi-Generational Wealth?

Lately, XRP’s prolonged low selling price seemed to emerge as a principal talking point among top XRP and crypto proponents. 

In one of the tweets about XRP, XRPP (XRP Production), an X app account renowned for its expressive use of humor when describing situations about XRP, recently remarked that XRP has been on an extended black market sale run.

The exact tweet read thus, “XRP has had a Black Friday sale going on for the past decade. Fight me.”

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Unmasking The Satire

XRPP’s tweet might appear witty, but on a closer look, there is more to it that could be deemed factual.

For context, black Friday sales refers to the period when commodity sellers drastically reduce the prices of their goods to attract more buyers. 

In a nutshell, XRPP stated that XRP has been selling at low prices for an extended period. While black Friday sales are majorly aimed at attracting potential customers, the same cannot be said for XRP. 

The “Fight me” in the tweet implies that statements to counter the claims that the tweet appeared to pass across were welcomed. 

As expected, XRPP’s tweet attracted comments and reactions, especially from top XRP advocates, as they flooded the comments section of the tweet.

What Most XRP Advocates Think About XRPP’s Claims 

Among the X app users who reacted to XRPP’s tweet, Yassin Mobarak’s tweet appears to be more striking. It is worth noting that Yashin Mobarak is a renowned crypto enthusiast and founder of

The founder noted that acquiring significant wealth from accumulating XRP would require a long waiting period. Yassin tweeted, “It appears the multi-generational wealth XRP is supposed to produce requires a multi-generational wait time.”

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Have XRP Truly Been Selling At Low Prices?

XRP was launched approximately ten years ago. After its release, the crypto asset was poised to attain sustainable growth to match competition from other top cryptocurrencies.

However, despite attaining an impressive all-time high (ATH) of about $3.84 in January 2018, the usual sentiment was that the digital asset would keep soaring.


The above never happened, which could be because of the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) v.s. Ripple lawsuit in 2020. 

In conclusion, prevailing conditions seemed to prove Yassin’s presumption right. It is left to see how events unfold, especially with the Bitcoin halving event in view in April 2024.

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