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Why Tehlex is the king of Gift Card Platform in Nigeria

Gift card has emerged as one of the most popular ways for people to purchase goods and items globally. Apart from purchasing items, gift card has become a popular payment method for Nigerians since they can be redeemed for cash.

Before we explore the best way to swap your gift card for cash or crypto. Let’s learn more about gift cards and how it works.

What is a gift card?

A gift card is similar to a debit card that contains a certain amount of money that can be used to purchase goods and services in specific stores or retail outlets. In addition, it is a prepaid card that serves as an alternative means of payment and can come in different forms and denominations.

There are various forms of gift cards that include plastic cards for specific stores, general-use cards that are not specific to stores, and E-gift cards. E-gift cards are digital codes that are sent via mobile number or email. While some gift cards are used concurrently, others can only work for one-off purchases.

Lastly, gift cards are beneficial for customers. It helps buyers stick to their budget and relieve the stress of holding cash or going through network issues with their commercial banks during card payments.

Why you should exchange your gift cards with Tehlex

Tehlex is taking e-commerce to the next level. As the world is advancing to an era of digital transactions due to the rise of cryptocurrency, Tehlex ensures that users enjoy a platform with updated features and easy navigation without trading off security. The platform’s primary mission is to provide a seamless exchange to clients worldwide.

In addition, Tehlex wants to introduce blockchain to its clients through gift cards, which would allow users to purchase both physical and digital assets efficiently. Blockchain technology has existed for some time, but merchants face the challenge of poor user experience. With Tehlex, customers can enjoy a seamless transition to the blockchain.

Furthermore, Tehlex provides an ideal ecosystem for gift cardholders to exchange their cards for cash and crypto. It also accepts up to 30 different gift cards providing a wide range of options for customers.

Security is paramount for Tehlex, a platform that wants to remain one of the significant blockchain and payment protocols, primarily when dealing with gift cards. Tehlex provides a highly-protected crypto web wallet for users to store crypto coins. Additionally, the platform creates trust for its users, and the blockchain supports transparency during transactions.


Tehlex has also simplified the process of exchanging gift cards with a telegram group where users can trade directly without any fears. You can safely trade your gift cards with tehlex

There is also a physical office in Lagos where users can trade gift cards and cryptocurrencies with a representative. You can also get in touch with Tehlex via their customer service via call or WhatsApp @ +2348078665966.

You can follow Tehlex on the following social media platforms: Twitter   Instagram and Telegram


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