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Wall Street Veteran: Ripple CTO Debunked Concerns that XRP Price Will Never Rise

A recent post by Wall Street veteran Linda P. Jones sparked renewed interest in the potential price trajectory of XRP, the digital token majorly distributed by Ripple.

Dismissing concerns that XRP’s price will not rise, Jones cited comments made by David Schwartz, Ripple’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), during a Space on X on the topic of reserve currencies.

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Schwartz’s remarks focused on the geopolitical challenges associated with a single nation controlling a global reserve currency and the potential of a trustless system like Ripple and its XRP-powered cross-border payment technology to overcome these obstacles.

Schwartz expressed concerns that such a scenario could create an imbalance of power, potentially infringing upon the autonomy of other nations. This aligns with existing geopolitical trends, where calls for a multipolar world order and a diversification of reserve currencies are gaining traction.

As an alternative, Schwartz proposed a trustless system that operates independently of any single nation’s control. This belief resonates with the core principles of blockchain technology, which aims to create decentralized and transparent systems.

Jones implies that if such a system gains widespread adoption, and XRP plays a significant role within it, its holders could potentially experience financial gains, thanks to the massive price increase.

An analyst once argued that XRP could reach $10,000 as a bridge asset for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). It is safe to say it could rise to a similar or even higher price as a global reserve currency.

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XRP as a Global Reserve Currency?

It is crucial to acknowledge the limitations and complexities surrounding this potential scenario. Firstly, Schwartz’s views, although shared by many in the crypto community, represent personal opinions, and XRP may not react as he expects.

Secondly, the future of reserve currencies and the role of cryptocurrencies in this domain remain highly speculative. The landscape is subject to evolving geopolitical dynamics, regulatory frameworks, and technological advancements.


Jones’s post highlights an intriguing perspective on the potential future of XRP, particularly its role in the rapidly evolving global financial landscape. Many experts have predicted massive surges for the digital asset, with one notable analyst predicting a 7,000% surge.

These, combined with the potential boost from adoption as a reserve currency, could make XRP the most sought-after cryptocurrency in the market. Jones, quoting Schwartz, wrote, “If as a result, a few people got wealthy (meaning XRP holders), it wouldn’t be a problem.”

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