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VeChain (VET) Launches ToolChain-Powered Merchandise in the EU/UK

VeChain (VET) continues to deploy more real-world applications of blockchain technology. In a recent outcome, the world’s leading enterprise-grade Layer 1 smart contract platform has launched a fashion product powered by the VeChain Toolchain.

While this Toolchain-powered merchandise was released in the EU/UK, VeChain Foundation wrote that the customized and blockchain-linked T-Shirt is available to be shipped to places like the United States, Canada, China, and Singapore. This development came as the team moved to mark the impactful four years of existence of VeChainThor. 

The product labeled “2022 VECHAIN CLASSIC T-SHIRT” goes for €23.99 and it has the inscription “HELLO VECHAIN” on the front side of the clothes. Also, it is available both in black and white colours. 

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For the wearing reference, the male model is 1.94 m, wearing size XL (extra large); while the female model is 1.70 m, wearing size M (medium). 

“We recently launched ToolChain powered merchandise in the EU/UK to celebrate VeChainThor’s 4th birthday. We’re now also shipping to US/Canada/China/Singapore #Vefam! Grab a piece of #blockchain history & witness the power of VeChain,” the update said. 

More so, the shirt is designed to contain traceability information. It is worth noting that on the VechainThor blockchain, all goods are registered as NFTs. So, users can scan the privacy QR code on the t-shirt with their mobile phones to complete the journey of the product on the blockchain.

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VeChainThor (VTHO) Public Blockchain

VeChain’s public blockchain dubbed VeChainThor with the ticker, VTHO, was launched in 2018. The VeChainThor public blockchain derives its value from activities created by users within the VeChain ecosystem.  


To commemorate the 4th birthday of the VeChainThor mainnet, the team is excited to share the first piece of merchandise specifically designed for the VeChain community. This allows users to have a piece of VeChain’s history in their possession.

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