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VeChain Finally Unveils Its Game-Changing Announcement

VeChain, a leading provider of blockchain solutions for enterprises, has announced the launch of its new platform, Marketplace-as-a-Service (MaaS).

This white-label platform is designed to simplify the creation and management of digital asset marketplaces, particularly for non-technical users and businesses. The announcement coincides with the onboarding of its first enterprise client, MotoGP racing team Gresini Racing.

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MaaS is a low-code/no-code platform. This implies that users with minimal coding experience can set up and manage their own NFT marketplaces.

This user-friendly approach aligns with VeChain’s ongoing commitment to drive mass adoption of blockchain technology by eliminating technical barriers. The platform’s arrival is well-timed, addressing the growing demand for real-world asset (RWA) tokenization tools.

XRP is another cryptocurrency that has been working to bring RWA tokenization to the XRP Ledger (XRPL). However, VeChain has taken the lead in this field. A future iteration of MaaS plans to introduce near-field communication (NFC) functionality, enabling the creation of “phygitals” – physical assets with corresponding digital tokens on the blockchain.

Gresini Racing Paves the Way for MaaS Adoption

Gresini Racing will leverage MaaS to offer a collection of digital collectibles to its fanbase. This collaboration serves a dual purpose: it allows the racing team to engage with its audience in a new way, while simultaneously introducing them to the world of blockchain technology through MaaS’ user-friendly interface.

Gresini Racing’s implementation of MaaS will leverage several Web2-friendly features, including social media logins, credit card purchases for NFTs, and EUR listings for a seamless user experience even for those unfamiliar with cryptocurrency.

The platform also offers customizable collection options, allowing Gresini Racing to control features like secondary sales and token gating for exclusive content.

This launch follows VeChain’s introduction of VORJ in 2023, a separate no-code platform that empowers users to create and manage digital assets such as tokens, smart contracts, and DAOs. MaaS and VORJ show VeChain’s dedication to fostering mass adoption by providing user-friendly tools that eliminate the need for extensive coding knowledge.

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A Glimpse into the Tokenized Future

VeChain’s official blog post highlighted comments from Carlo Merlini, Gresini Racing’s Commercial and Marketing Director.


Merlini expressed the team’s desire to leverage Web3 technology to strengthen fan engagement and cater to the increasingly tech-savvy MotoGP community. The platform will facilitate the creation of NFTs and digital collectibles offering exclusive experiences, memorabilia, and novel ways to connect with fans globally.

This big announcement adds to the reasons why 2024 is VeChain’s year. The announcement highlights that the market for asset tokenization is anticipated to reach a staggering $16 trillion by 2030. VeChain’s MaaS platform positions itself to meet this growing demand.

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