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Top US-Based Exchange Reveals that Most XRP Investors are Long-Term Holders

Regardless of the troubles surrounding the 6th largest cryptocurrency asset, XRP investors still believe the asset would give them a good run for their money. 

Uphold Inc, a New York-headquartered cryptocurrency exchange that continues to support XRP, amid the SEC’s claim on the asset, revealed that lots of XRP investors are long-term-minded and not just short-term traders. 

The exchange arrived at this conclusion on Tuesday, judging from the responses it received from users on Twitter. The Uphold handle raised a question on Tuesday to ascertain how many of its followers do hodl XRP and how long they intend to do so. 

“How many of our followers are long-term XRP hodlers?” the tweet said. In response, several users revealed that they have been holding onto the asset for more than a year. While some noted that they have been diamond hands with XRP for 2, 3, or 5 years, some said they have been hodling for almost a decade. 

“If almost 7 years is long enough, count me in,” a certain user with the name Xrp owl responded. “Accumulating since  2017, and will hold on to it until it goes past $1000 per XRP,” a certain user named Pradip wrote

XRP in the Market

Notably, most of these investors bought XRP before the Ripple–SEC case began in December 2020. The United States Securities and Exchange Commission claims that the XRP Ledger native token fits into its theory of a security. 

Accordingly, the financial regulator sued the San Francisco–based crypto solutions company, Ripple, and two of its executives Brad Garlinghouse and Chris Larsen for violating securities laws. 


The events that followed after these SEC actions have undeniably hampered the growth of XRP. Days ago, the asset printed its 12th losing candle in a row against the total crypto market. The last time this was recorded was in March 2015, according to its market chart. 

Amid all of these outcomes, expert analysts predict that XRP would launch into a bullish season in the coming months. As recently reported, XRP is expected to touch $0.5 as per a short-term analysis. Using a higher time frame, a top TA guru showed how XRP is heading toward $23. Notably, whales have been shifting millions of XRP daily.

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