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Top Shiba Inu Proponent Emphasizes the Need For Decentralized Distribution of SHIB, BONE, and LEASH

Lucie, a prominent Shiba Inu development team member, recently shared her perspective on the crypto market, highlighting the importance of democratic token distribution. Emphasizing the value of community empowerment, Lucie expressed her preference for decentralized distribution of tokens instead of being accumulated in the hands of a few.

Through her statement, she aimed to underscore the power and collective strength of the SHIB Army. While acknowledging the role of large token holders, Lucie emphasized the need for a balanced distribution of power to avoid potential market volatility.

Whale Alert

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This perspective aligns not only with the BONE token but also with other Shiba Inu tokens like SHIB and LEASH, recognizing the significance of market dynamics and timing.

Lucie noted, “I don’t mind when whales sell because I’d rather see 100 people holding 10,000 $Bone each than 1 person holding 1 million $BONE. Power to the people. Power to #SHIBARMY. But, of course, whales are also part of the game. It’s the balance of power, positive momentum, and good timing that will drive the price… same for $SHIB $LEASH”

Advocating for a Democratic Token Distribution System

Lucie’s tweet emphasizes the benefits of distributing tokens among a larger number of holders rather than concentrating them in the hands of a few entities. She believes that a democratic token distribution system empowers the community and reduces the potential for adverse market movements caused by concentrated power.

By advocating for a more inclusive approach, Lucie highlights the significance of the SHIB Army and the collective strength it represents within the Shiba Inu ecosystem.

While Lucie acknowledges the presence of large token holders, often referred to as whales, she emphasizes the importance of finding a balance of power within the crypto market. By preventing excessive concentration, a decentralized distribution can enable positive momentum and well-timed actions, contributing to the growth and stability of digital assets.

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BONE Token Holders and Market Insights

Official records indicate that there are currently 91,580 holders of BONE. This significant number of holders demonstrates the community’s engagement and participation following the launch of Shibarium. The report also highlights that a majority (68%) of the wallets holding BONE are in profit, indicating positive sentiment within the Shiba Inu community.

It is worth noting that while Lucie cites the example of BONE, her sentiment encompasses other Shiba Inu tokens, including SHIB and LEASH. She underlines that the market dynamics and timing play vital roles in the value growth of these tokens.


Fostering Community Power and Market Dynamics

Lucie’s perspective on democratic token distribution and community empowerment sheds light on the importance of balancing power within the crypto market. By ensuring a decentralized distribution, the Shiba Inu community strives to harness the collective strength of the SHIB Army and promote stability in token value.

With a significant number of BONE token holders and positive market sentiment, the Shiba Inu ecosystem continues to demonstrate its resilience and commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic environment for its community.

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