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Top Analyst: Cardano (ADA) To Surge 2500% in the Next Bull Run, $7.8 Will Be Minimum ATH

Cardano (ADA), the popular cryptocurrency, could potentially reach a minimum all-time high of $7.80 in the next bull cycle, according to a prediction made by Dan Gambardello, the founder of Crypto Capital Venture and a passionate advocate for Cardano.

Gambardello took to Twitter to share his forecast, without explicitly explaining the reasoning behind his deduction. However, his subsequent tweets may provide some insight into his belief in Cardano’s price trajectory.

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The analyst suggested that as banks and traditional financial systems face challenges, there is a growing emphasis on cryptocurrency, setting the stage for an eventual crypto bull market. Gambardello believes this market surge will likely commence within a year.

To achieve Gambardello’s anticipated target of $7.80, Cardano (ADA) would need to experience an almost 2,500% increase from its current price. While this may seem like ambitious speculation, it is important to note that the crypto market has a history of unexpected surprises.

Despite these predictions, it remains uncertain where the overall market is headed in the near future.

ADA Whale’s Perspective on Cardano Bull Run

In line with these predictions, ADA Whale, a prominent Cardano-focused Twitter account, also foresees the possibility of a Cardano bull run.

However, they caution that this may not be a short-term occurrence and could take time to materialize. As of the time of writing, ADA experienced a slight decline over the past 24 hours, resting at a price of $0.31.

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Cardano (ADA) Recent Developments

Cardano builder Input Output Global (IOG) recently released its weekly report, highlighting the latest advancements made by the blockchain. Among the notable updates, Cardano introduced node v.8.1.2, a minor release that includes enhancements to the Plutus interpreter.

Additionally, the Mithril protocol’s mainnet beta was launched, marking a significant milestone for the Cardano network.

According to the report, the Mithril team is closely monitoring the ongoing network performance and expects to initiate the creation of certificates during the upcoming Cardano epoch.


The development and progress demonstrated by Cardano’s team signifies the platform’s continual efforts to strengthen its technological capabilities and expand its functionality.

With the combination of positive predictions from experts like Dan Gambardello and the ongoing advancements on the Cardano network, the future of Cardano (ADA) holds promise as it seeks to establish itself among the leading cryptocurrencies in the market.

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