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The Rise of Play-to-Earn Explained – What Made P2E the Most Widely Used Game Model in the Industry? 

Crypto is on the roll; we can all agree on this. Thousands of crypto projects develop bright products that aim to solve at least one industry problem, be it scalability, transparency, decentralization, or security.

During these times when Bitcoin hits new all-time highs, ETFs are approved and actively trading, and we are over 560 million crypto users, it is no wonder that some concepts we deal with have a surprising evolution and intrigue us all. One of them is P2E, a game model that is now the most popular in the industry and brings significant benefits to the table.

But what makes P2E such a good game model?

P2E, Shortly

P2E or Play to Earn is a game model often used when developing blockchain-based games. Its name is pretty suggestive – you play the game to earn crypto coins or tokens.

Play to Earn games usually reward users for completing quests, winning battles (in some cases), and taking care of their characters as well as possible. It all depends on the game. While one might offer the opportunity to fight mythical creatures and defend your world against your world, another P2E game like FatBoy can offer you a cute character you have to care for by feeding it, ensuring it sleeps well, exercises, has a lot of fun and is always happy and healthy.

The P2E sector has progressed surprisingly, and these days, we have numerous games from which we can choose. Each one comes with its benefits and stories, and the action is indeed intriguing in most cases. What matters most is what you are looking for, and if you consider it, you will find the right Play to Earn game for you.

Now, you might wonder why the P2E game model has become so popular.

Bright Tokenomics

All Play to Earn games have one main thing in common (besides playing to earn, of course): they have well-developed tokenomics that offer users the big opportunity to earn significant amounts of crypto tokens.

Usually, a Play to Earn game will reward users with its native token and then allow them to use their funds in various ways, including:

  • Staking them to earn passive income;
  • Purchasing in-game assets from the game marketplace;
  • Trading them with other users;
  • Trading on major exchanges.

The actions depend on the game, but one thing is for sure – regardless of the game discussed, players have numerous ways in which they can use the tokens they get for playing the game.

Besides, many newly launched Play to Earn projects organize special events before officially launching their public versions of their games. For instance, some organize presale events during which they offer a significant percentage of their total supply to early investors for surprisingly low prices.

This way, the P2E crypto projects focus on building their community and keeping their users engaged through various advantages and rewards, slowly but surely building their way toward success.

The Graphics, the Tasks, and the Advanced Technologies

Not only do crypto games come with surprising rewards and bright game models, but they also benefit from the stunning evolution of the technologies used in their development.

Take AI (Artificial Intelligence), for example. It can be leveraged to provide a more customized gaming experience in Play to Earn games. With the help of AI, developers can shape players’ experiences based on their behavior, decision-making process, choices, preferences, and more.

Besides, the graphics have experienced a stunning evolution. These days, we can be truly surprised by how advanced the graphics are, and believe it or not, this detail can improve our experience in a way few expect.

And then, here come the tasks offered by a Play to Earn game. P2E games usually come with many tasks and activities available to all their players, and many of them are truly intriguing and keep users motivated and engaged.

Here, we’re talking about almost anything. Fight the enemies, defeat aliens, discover a fantastic world, and take care of a character. The tasks can require anything related to the game you are playing. And regardless of their rewards, we’re almost sure that you will be intrigued by what you have to do to get those tokens.

And Last but Not Least…

It’s the sense of belonging. Everything sums up this feeling. As a P2E game player, you are part of a great community and find users with whom you share the same preferences, which can make things even better, especially if we’re talking about an integrated metaverse.

The presale events and all the rewards offered in the game can and do make it feel like your efforts matter and are rewarded with something that has real-life value, instead of in-game assets that cannot be used outside of that ecosystem, like with traditional games.


The special events organized in the community make things even better, offering increasingly more opportunities and helping you dive even deeper into a game’s world. Besides, with every special event or personalized perk, you can feel even closer to the game’s concept, becoming an important community member and helping that game reach new heights while taking you with it on the way up.

In Conclusion

Crypto games are truly innovative, promoting bright game models, including P2E (Play to Earn). At the moment, Play to Earn is the most popular and widely used game model, allowing users to play a certain game to win valuable digital assets, such as NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) or the game’s native token.

With stunning graphics, advanced technologies, and significant rewards, it is no wonder that P2E games are so popular and continue to grow their communities with each passing day.

Each advantage offered by a P2E game increases the sense of belonging, the pure feeling that your actions matter and contribute to a bigger plan, all while also rewarding you with high-utility tokens and challenging you to do more, know more, and be more.

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Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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