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Cardano Becomes New Gold Member of Linux Foundation

To build a sustainable open technology ecosystem that enables mass innovation, the Cardano Foundation is thrilled to take up a Gold Membership with the world’s leading open-source standard, The Linux Foundation. This membership took effect on June 22, 2022.

Cardano Foundation Keen on Building a Vibrant Open-Source Community 

Cardano Foundation is an independent entity that plays a supervisory role over Cardano (ADA) to ensure the growth and expansion of the blockchain project. Also, the Swiss-based non-profit organization is the legal custodian of the smart contract platform, Cardano, together with Input Output Global and EMURGO, as fellow driving forces.

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The foundation’s decision to join The Linux Foundation, as the nineteenth Gold Member alongside companies like BlackRock, Google, etc., is to enable Cardano to establish a vibrant open source community.

For Cardano Foundation, this is an opportunity to leverage the proven methodology and cutting-edge open-source concepts of the Linux Foundation to set up, run, and scale a successful Cardano (ADA) project.

Interestingly, joining The Linux Foundation will likely afford Cardano an ecosystem curation, community-building insights, and management tools that will help accelerate its project’s growth while eliminating barriers to ADA’s adoption.

It is also believed that this development will bring about a positive advancement by cementing Cardano’s commitment to building a world-changing technology that provides real-life solutions. Thereby, driving the adoption of the Cardano blockchain and by extension, its native token ADA.

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In a discussion session at the Open Source Summit in Austin, Cardano’s Chief Open Source Officer, Mr. Dirk Hohndel said:

“Open source is about communities. It’s about bringing together people from different companies, countries, and backgrounds. The Cardano Foundation is focused on driving the adoption of blockchain technology and we strongly believe that building a vibrant open source community around our technology is a key part of achieving that goal.”


“The Linux Foundation, with its outstanding track record as a facilitator of collaboration around interesting open source technology, is a perfect place for us to be,” he added.

Similarly, The Linux Foundation’s Executive Director, Jim Zemlin, noted that:

“The Cardano Foundation represents a natural path to adoption of blockchain technologies to enable decentralized computing across a diverse set of applications. With Dirk leading Cardano’s open-source ecosystem and the strong community already supporting this work, we’re excited to bring to bear our resources to build together into the future.”

The Linux Foundation Method

The Linux Foundation which was founded in the year 2000 is bent on helping open technology projects like Cardano build world-class open source software, communities, and companies. Due to its proven and repeatable methods to scale project communities via a comprehensive portfolio of support programs, several industry-leading projects have taken up different membership levels with The Linux Foundation. 


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Very importantly, the Linux Foundation provides a neutral, trusted hub for developers to code, manage, and scale open technology projects.  For this reason, the Cardano Foundation has joined the open-source technology colossus to enable mass innovation on its smart contract platform.

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