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Cardano: Vasil Hard Fork Will No Longer Go Live In June, There Is a New Target Date: Details

According to the latest update from IOG (Input Output Global), the much-awaited Vasil hard fork combinator event will no longer play out in June due to some bugs and the team doesn’t want to take chances.

In a tweet posted a couple of hours ago, IOG pointed out that the progress of the upgrade has been positive but with minor bugs, which prevented the testnet from launching as planned.

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The team decided to postpone the upgrade to give room for more testing before starting to countdown to the mainnet, the reported added.

IOG tweeted, “VASIL UPDATE: Progress continues positively with only minor bugs remaining. Today, however, we have agreed to ensure the core dev team and Cardano ecosystem collaborators have more time for testing before commencing the mainnet countdown.”

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Bugs Found Not Severe

According to the blog post captioned in the update, the IOG engineering team is extremely closer to finalizing the core work, with just seven bugs still outstanding to make the work complete.

It should be noted that none of the outstanding bugs are ranked as severe. So, there is nothing to worry about. The team only needs time to conduct more tests before the Vasil upgrade is released on the testnet.

The blog post reads in part:

“After some consideration, we have agreed NOT to send the hard fork update proposal to the testnet today to allow more time for testing…

“The work on Vasil has been the most complex program of development and integration to date, from several angles. It’s a challenging process that requires not only significant work from core teams, but also close coordination across the ecosystem.”

It’s stated in the report that the final decision to hard-fork the Cardano testnet will be made based on the following three criteria:

  • No critical issues outstanding on node (including ledger, CLI, consensus, etc.) or our internal audit function,
  • Benchmarking and performance-cost analysis is acceptable, and
  • Community (including exchanges and DApp projects) has been properly informed and has had sufficient time to prepare for the hard fork combinator event.

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New Possible Date for the Cardano Vasil Upgrade

According to the report, IOG and Cardano Foundation expect the testnet launch to occur at the end of June. Afterward, exchanges and SPOs will be given four weeks to carry out any required integration and test.


So, Vasil hard fork on the Cardano mainnet is projected to play out during the last week of July.

The team said, We recognize that this news will be disappointing to some. However, we are taking an abundance of caution to ensure that we do this deployment correctly.”

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