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The First-Ever Annual State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem Survey Goes Live: Details

Cardano Foundation, the legal custodians that oversee and supervise the advancement of the Cardano (ADA) brand, has kicked off the inaugural ‘Annual State of Cardano Developer Ecosystem Survey’ today, June 13. The goal of this initiated survey is to help the Foundation have a good understanding of the Cardano developers’ ecosystem state and to ascertain the areas that warrant improvement.

State of the Cardano Developer Ecosystem Survey

The Cardano Developer Ecosystem survey introduced by the Cardano Foundation launches today and has come to stay. As announced, the first edition of this survey exercise is underway to be ended on July 26. In other words, this survey is open for two weeks to allow community members to participate fully. 

Cardano Foundation believes that an active, diversified, vibrant, and well-informed community is key to building a stronger and more effective blockchain project or system. For this reason and more, the Swiss-based non-profit Foundation continuously strengthens its commitment to empowering the Cardano community by staging growth-centered activities like the developer ecosystem survey. 

Particularly, the survey is aimed at collecting feedback directly from the community for the Foundation to gain full knowledge of what the developers’ needs and wants are. In consequence, the information and feedback gathered will then pinpoint the key areas requiring improvement.

Beyond assessing the developer ecosystem, the survey is designed to also play the function of revealing to Cardano developers and the entire community various standing projects that have been overlooked. 

Per the announcement, the survey will specifically help the Cardano Foundation to specify which libraries and tools are critical to the Cardano ecosystem, while also uncovering the loopholes in the existing tools and libraries. 

“It will similarly aid in pinpointing possible deficiencies in existing solutions. Moreover, the survey’s findings will assist us in organizing, coordinating, and prioritizing more efficiently the open-source effort amongst builders, so that we may work together towards an even stronger ecosystem,” part of the announcement said. 

Following the completion of the survey will be the result analysis. Thereafter, a follow-up report will be published publicly and made available for anyone interested in consulting it. 

As aforestated, the Annual State of the Developer Ecosystem System survey has come to stay in the Cardano community. In accordance, the Cardano Foundation wrote;

“Going forward, we expect to conduct annual surveys in order to correctly assess what has been achieved, which measures prompted advantageous results, what these were, and which areas still warrant attention.”

“Furthermore, the results will be shared publicly so that actions can be taken not only by the Foundation itself but by anyone willing to make open source contributions or otherwise aid the improvement of the ecosystem.”

The Foundation urges interested persons to participate in the survey here


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Cardano Mainnet Vasil Upgrade Approaches

This growth-centered activity comes while the community is still anticipating one of the biggest events on the Cardano blockchain – Vasil hardfork. The impending upgrade is aimed at improving the capabilities and functionalities of the Cardano blockchain.

Meanwhile, Cardano investors are getting well-positioned by accumulating more ADA tokens as they expect a price rebound to happen. 

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