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Vasil Hard fork on Cardano Testnet Done and Dusted: Details

Vasil hard fork on Cardano Testnet has been successfully executed. Up next is the implementation of the Vasil upgrade on the Cardano mainnet.

Cardano Testnet Successfully Hardforked

The Input Output Global (IOG) developers team, the body concerned with the growth and development of the Cardano blockchain, has confirmed the successful Vasil upgrade on the Cardano testnet. The testnet Vasil hard fork was carried out on June 3 as revealed by the IOG team.

Developers building on the Cardano blockchain, crypto exchanges, and Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) are enjoined by the Input Output team to initiate their final testing and integration processes.

According to the IOG team, “Vasil is a complex program of work.” This intricate nature of the Vasil upgrade program implies that projects on Cardano will need sufficient time to check backward compatibility. Similarly, SPOs will need to make some scripting adjustments without having to rush.

Putting all these into consideration, an estimated four weeks has been set out for Stake Pool Operators, developers, and exchanges to initiate the final testing and integration processes before the Vasil hard fork is activated on Cardano Mainnet.

While the testing by exchanges, developers, and SPOs take place, the announcement noted that “the teams at Cardano Foundation and IOG will be working closely with exchanges and DApp/tool developers throughout the process.”

Accordingly, the IOG team will submit a proposal to implement the Vasil upgrade on the Cardano mainnet. This will happen only when there is confirmation that ecosystem partners are comfortable and ready.

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Why the Vasil Hard fork?

Recall that this upgrade on the Cardano blockchain is named after a longstanding community member, Vasil St Dabov.

The Vasil upgrade, which is said to be the most ambitious program of work undertaken by the IOG team, is aimed at enhancing the performance and capability of Cardano.

Equally, the IOG team said, “Vasil improvements include higher throughput through diffusion pipelining to a better developer experience via much-improved script performance & efficiency (plus lower costs).”


In addition, it is also said that the Vasil upgrade will include Cardano cryptographic primitive improvements such as a tuned Plutus interpreter and a new cost model. In turn, this will enable greater interoperability options for other blockchains, the IOG team revealed.

On the whole, Vasil upgrade on the Cardano mainnet is around the corner although no specific date has been determined. To note, this successful testnet hard fork comes a few days after the IOG team launched Cardano node 1.35.0. This node was said to be the final candidate for the much-awaited Cardano mainnet Vasil hard fork to be implemented.

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