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Thailand In Discussion With Ripple Over XRP Adoption

Thailand has emerged as a potential new adopter of Ripple’s XRP cryptocurrency, according to a letter sent by Ripple to Thai authorities. This development comes amid growing interest in XRP adoption, particularly among BRICS nations (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa).

The letter, shared by crypto enthusiast Armando Pantoja, highlights Ripple’s response to a Bank of Thailand Discussion Paper titled “The Way Forward for Retail Central Bank Digital Currency in Thailand.” The Discussion Paper reflects Thailand’s commitment to exploring CBDC implementation.

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In its response, Ripple commends the Bank of Thailand for its leadership in the CBDC space and its recognition of the value of public-private partnerships. Ripple expresses its enthusiasm to collaborate with the Bank in designing and developing a retail CBDC for Thailand.

To demonstrate its qualifications, Ripple details its experience in the financial technology (FinTech) sector. With a global network of over 300 customers, Ripple offers software solutions that empower financial institutions to facilitate international money transfers. These solutions enable real-time transactions at significantly lower costs compared to traditional methods.

Ripple emphasizes that its technology is not intended to replace fiat currencies. Rather, it aims to revolutionize cross-border payments by making them faster, cheaper, and more transparent. By leveraging blockchain technology, Ripple facilitates instantaneous, secure, and cost-effective global payments with complete transaction visibility for all participants.

XRP and the Potential of a BRICS Bridge Currency

This potential collaboration between Ripple and Thailand aligns with the growing interest in XRP adoption, particularly within the BRICS economic bloc. Thailand’s recent application to join BRICS has fueled speculation about a potential connection between its CBDC ambitions and the wider BRICS interest in XRP.

A research paper that surfaced earlier this month fueled speculation about a potential shakeup in the global financial system. Shared by XRP enthusiast Amelia on X, the paper suggests that BRICS nations are actively exploring the creation of an alternative currency system.

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The report, accompanied by a short clip featuring Russian President Vladimir Putin, posits that Ripple’s XRP could be explored as a potential bridge currency to facilitate international settlements within the BRICS bloc.

While the specifics of Thailand’s potential XRP adoption and the BRICS’ alternative currency system remain unclear, these developments suggest a confluence of factors that could significantly impact the global financial landscape.


Ripple’s engagement with the Bank of Thailand and the reported interest from BRICS nations highlight XRP’s potential as a key player in the future of international settlements.

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