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Terra Classic Officially Hits Full Active Validator Set. Here’s Why This Is Significant to LUNC Recovery

Terra Classic has officially hit a full active validator set for the first time since the collapse of LUNC in May 2022.

The new development was shared by a pseudonymous member of the Terra Classic community, ClassyCrypto. According to the report, 130 active validators now support the resurgence of the embattled blockchain.

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ClassyCrypto tweeted, “For the first time since the $LUNC de-peg, LUNC has officially HIT A FULL ACTIVE VALIDATOR SET! WE NOW HAVE 130 ACTIVE VALIDATORS AIDING THE MOVEMENT! Welcome all NEW LUNA CLASSIC validators & I’m excited to see what you all have in store!”

What’s the Significance?

Now that the active set is complete, remaining an active Terra Classic validator has now become more competitive. In order to remain an active validator, one must have more LUNC staked than the validator occupying the 130th position.

Whoever wants to remain a validator has to push through because only active validators are liable to participate in network consensus and receive rewards.

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According to data from LUNCPenguins, one needs to attract over 8,888 LUNC in delegations in order to become a Terra Classic validator. This amount of LUNC tokens represents the number of LUNC staked by the 130th active validator.


As validators campaign to boost their delegations, there will be an increase in the number of LUNC tokens burned. This is a notable milestone because burning more LUNC tokens is the top desire of the Terra Classic community.

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