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Terra Classic (LUNC) Price for September 30 Predicted by Machine Learning Algorithm

Terra Classic (LUNC) has been grappling with persistent challenges for some time now. The original chain of the now-collapsed Terra (LUNA) is striving to recover amidst the general downturn in the market. The community is actively trying to help with a series of strategies to pull the token away from trading in the red.

The future price of the token has drawn the interest of the entire LUNC community with everyone trying their best to potentially influence the token’s value. One way to shed light on this matter and answer the questions about LUNC’s direction is through the reputable This platform uses machine learning algorithms to analyze the performance of cryptocurrencies and provide predictions for their future price movements.

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For LUNC, gave a prediction of $0.000060 for September 30, 2023. This prediction was made on September 6 with LUNC trading at $0.00006027. The price dropped 0.8% in 24 hours and from this prediction, it is expected to drop another 0.45% over the next few weeks to hit the predicted price.

Terra Classic (LUNC) Price for September 30 Predicted by Machine Learning Algorithm
Source: PricePredictions

Despite the efforts of everyone, LUNC has been on a downtrend for the entire year. Stretching back to September of 2022, it has seen a decline of 84.2% according to data from CoinMarketCap. Although there have been some brief upturns, LUNC has not fully recovered and this prediction does not inspire confidence in the digital asset.

The Community’s Reaction

The LUNC community seems to have chosen to remain optimistic. In a poll on X held by @LuncFans asking about where the price would go, the higher option of $0.00007 led with 65% of the votes with one hour left in the poll at the time of this writing.

Terra Luna Army (@terra_army) also shared in a post on X that patience makes millionaires and that they would be holding on to LUNC for the long term.

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The Hope of Network Upgrades

Another thing some members of the community seem to be holding on to is the Hope of network upgrades. The community is currently voting for the v2.2.1 core upgrade, to be performed by L1 Task Force.


This ambitious upgrade is bringing an upgrade to Cosmos SDK, migrating Tendermint to CometBFT, moving IBC-Go to v6, and implementing other changes that have been approved in governance votes. The community expects this upgrade to have a serious impact on the price of LUNC in the future.

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