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Terra Classic Developers Launch LUNC Wallet to Reduce Dependence on Terra Station and TFL

Terra Classic developers are putting unrelenting effort into their quest to reduce the dependence of LUNC on Terra Station. The group has made fresh headway to make this happen.

In a recent announcement, Terra Rebels, the group of developers behind the development of the Terra Classic blockchain, has launched a new LUNC wallet known as Rebel Station and also referred to as “another step towards autonomy.”

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Terra Rebels tweeted, “With the ardent efforts of the Frontend Team, Rebel Station is ready for launch.”

Although the interface of the Rebels Station looks similar to Terra Station as pointed out by a number of prominent community members, such as reXx, the notable difference is that it drastically reduces dependence on the Terraform Labs (TFL).

As explained by the group of developers, with this new wallet managed by the Terra community, there will be little or no downtime required to upgrade to new software versions because it won’t need to go through TFL anymore.

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According to reXx in response to the announcement, “Version changes can be submitted on the go to limit downtime compared to TFL versions that must go through TFL for approval.”

The new LUNC wallet is designed to enable Terra Classic users to hold and transfer their tokens. It also gives them the ability to delegate holdings, take part in network governance and see vital metrics about the network.

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