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Terra Classic Approves Key Upgrade Proposal As LUNC and USTC Brace For More Uptrend

The Terra Classic community has officially passed Proposal 11890, which authorizes a crucial upgrade to v2.3.2. This significant development comes as a response to a pressing technical issue that had been impeding certain validators and accounts within the network.

Following the community’s swift and unified action, the price of LUNC, the native token of Terra Classic, experienced an astounding price surge.

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Resolving the Sequence Mismatch Issue

A sequence mismatch problem resulting from a recent upgrade inadvertently caused certain accounts to face difficulties when interacting with the Terra Classic blockchain.

Recognizing the urgent need for a solution, the community proposed an upgrade to v2.3.2, aimed at eliminating the sequence mismatch and restoring seamless operations for all users.

The resounding approval of Proposal 11890 serves as a testament to the unwavering commitment of the Terra Classic community to the stability and growth of the network.

With an overwhelming 100% of votes in favor, including endorsements from renowned validators such as Allnodes, Interstellar Lounge, and Interstake One, the approval of this proposal marks a significant milestone in the ongoing efforts to revitalize and strengthen the LUNC ecosystem.

Price Surge and Positive Developments

The approval of the Proposal, coupled with recent positive developments within the Terra Classic ecosystem, has ignited an extraordinary rally in the price of LUNC. Notable events include Binance’s impressive burn of 4 billion LUNC tokens and the introduction of a new USTC trading pair.

As a result, LUNC has experienced a remarkable surge of over 115% in the past month alone, with an impressive 88% gain in just the last week. This upward trajectory reflects both the resilience of the community and the growing anticipation surrounding the future of LUNC.

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Promising Outlook for the LUNC Ecosystem

As the sequence mismatch issue is swiftly resolved and the unwavering support for Proposal 11890 solidifies the Terra Classic community’s dedication to network stability and growth, the future of the ecosystem shines brightly. With a series of positive developments propelling LUNC’s price recovery, stakeholders and investors can anticipate promising prospects ahead.


In conclusion, the Terra Luna Classic community’s unanimous approval of Proposal 11890, coupled with the remarkable surge in LUNC’s price, signifies a turning point in the imploded project’s trajectory.

With technical obstacles being overcome and positive developments driving its momentum, the LUNC ecosystem is poised for a prosperous future.

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