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Sunny Lu to UFC: VeChain (VET) Impact on the World in the Future Will Be Significant

Sunny Lu, the co-founder and CEO of VeChain (VET), has recently stated that the leading enterprise blockchain platform will have a significant impact on the world in the future.

VeChain CEO said this in a recent interview with the company’s recent partner, UFC, shared on VeChain Foundation’s official Twitter handle and published on UFC’s official website.

When asked about how VeChain can change the world, Lu said the blockchain platform is already making an impact on the world in a number of ways, but the upcoming impact on the world will be significant.

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Sunny Lu noted:

“There are handful of ways that VeChain is already making an impact, but the impact that VeChain will have on the world in the future is significant.”

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He further mentioned six projects in the works on the VeChainThor blockchain, which are expected to have a great impact on the world at large.

These projects include an incentivized ecosystem in San Marino, plastic reclamation from the hydrosphere, carbon recording, circular economics, and others.

The Uniqueness of VeChain Blockchain

Speaking on what makes VeChain unique, Lu said its technologies are being used for tangible applications in the real economy. He said the enterprise blockchain platform has managed to land commercial contracts with major businesses such as Walmart and operates at a commercial scale.

Sunny Lu also pointed out that VeChain is also unique because it has working relationships with major consulting firms such as DNV and PwC. He said these relationships have helped the enterprise blockchain platform land a number of deals with Fortune 500 companies and governments across the world.

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Lastly, Lu stated that VeChain use cases are highly unique, compared to other chains in the crypto ecosystem.


He emphasized that “The majority of people only know blockchain and crypto as financial tools, but VeChain is building solutions in the fields of sustainability, carbon management, medicine, automobile, energy, decentralized finance, and more.”

In the course of the interview, Lu revealed that VeChain is opening a new headquarter in San Marino, a new business center in Ireland and Milan for necessary expansion into Europe.

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