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Solana Co-founder Yakovenko Warns Against “ETH Killer” Narrative

In a refreshing departure from the prevailing narrative of blockchain rivalry, Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko has cautioned against perpetuating the “Ethereum killer” rhetoric. His insightful perspective highlights the potential for protocols like Solana (SOL) and Ethereum (ETH) to coexist and thrive without resorting to divisive competition.

Yakovenko took to X to express his concern about the detrimental impact of the “ETH killer” narrative, which he believes fosters unnecessary animosity within the blockchain ecosystem. He advocates for a more collaborative approach, emphasizing that protocols can coexist and compete healthily without the need for adversarial positioning.

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“Pareto efficient technologies can have overlapping features and will compete, but that’s all ok,” Yakovenko asserted. “I don’t see a future where Solana thrives and somehow ETH dies.”

Potential for Interoperability

Yakovenko expressed optimism about the potential of Danksharding, an Ethereum rollup scaling solution, to accommodate Solana’s data in the future. This potential for interoperability further reinforces the notion that protocols can coexist and complement each other’s strengths.

Yakovenko’s stance against the “ETH killer” narrative extends beyond mere words. He has actively discouraged community members from engaging in divisive rhetoric that could undermine the overall blockchain ecosystem.

In response to MakerDAO Co-founder and CEO Rune Christensen’s plans to fork the protocol’s NewChain on the Solana blockchain, Yakovenko urged the Solana community to refrain from using this as an opportunity to attack Ethereum. Instead, he emphasized the positive implications of open-source collaboration.

“I really hope that people in the Solana community don’t use this as some cudgel to attack Ethereum,” Yakovenko cautioned.

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A Vision for the Future

Yakovenko’s vision for Solana extends beyond mere technical prowess. He envisions a future where Solana facilitates seamless communication and transactions, free from the constraints of traditional intermediaries and centralized control.


Yakovenko’s message serves as a timely reminder that the blockchain industry should prioritize collaboration and innovation over divisive rhetoric. His vision of a harmonious ecosystem where protocols coexist and thrive holds immense promise for the future of decentralized technologies.

In a world increasingly interconnected, embracing unity and fostering open-source collaboration will be crucial to unlocking the full potential of blockchain technology and realizing its transformative impact on society.

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