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Shibarium in Private Mode as Shiba Inu Team Intensifies Security Measures Ahead of Public Relaunch

Shiba Inu lead developer, Shytoshi Kusama, has provided a significant update on the progress of Shibarium, unveiling that the layer-2 network is now operational in private mode, undergoing thorough testing to ensure optimal performance and security.

Enthusiasm among Shiba Inu supporters has skyrocketed following the recent Shibarium update shared by Shytoshi Kusama. The announcement conveyed that all initial setbacks encountered on the newly-launched layer-2 network have been effectively resolved. Kusama emphasized that the team remains committed to further enhancing the network’s scalability.

Shibarium Resumes in Private Mode

Kusama revealed that Shibarium is currently active but not accessible to the public at this stage. This deliberate decision allows the development team to execute comprehensive testing on the blockchain, ensuring the establishment of impeccable security status. Kusama also disclosed that block production on the private-mode Shibarium resumed just yesterday.

In his statement, he affirmed, “Shibarium is currently live (but in private mode), producing blocks as normal.”

Furthermore, he urged the SHIB team to take a brief respite, in order to approach the task of resolving any security concerns with renewed energy before making Shibarium publicly available once again.

Addressing Challenges During Shibarium’s Debut

It is worth recalling that Shibarium’s launch was not without its challenges. It saw an interruption of block production on the network last week. Presently, the Shibariumscan explorer reveals that the last block on the Shibarium mainnet was produced on Thursday.

The most significant issue encountered during Shibarium’s inaugural phase revolved around the trapping of approximately 965 ETH, valued at approximately $1.7 million at that time, within the Ethereum bridge. This unfortunate occurrence led to the dissemination of fabricated chats by malicious individuals, aimed at tarnishing Shiba Inu’s reputation.

According to a report, this negative development emerged due to an unexpectedly high level of engagement on the Shibarium network immediately after its launch. Within just 15 minutes, Shibarium users deposited 1000 ETH tokens and 600,000 BONE tokens, with over 160 million compute units recorded within the first 30 minutes.

Given that Shibarium initially only had access to 400 million compute units per month from Alchemy, a decision was made to temporarily halt Shibarium in order to increase its capacity. Notably, Kusama stated that Shibarium’s scaling and capacity have now been boosted by an impressive 1,500%.


With these positive advancements and ongoing efforts, supporters of Shiba Inu remain optimistic about the imminent availability of Shibarium for public usage.

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