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Shiba Inu Lead Developer Speaks On What Happened After Shibarium Launch, Says “All Is Fine”

Shiba Inu’s head developer, Kusama, recently clarified concerns regarding Shibarium, pointing out that the main challenges arose due to a sudden surge in users. He also emphasized the ongoing efforts to improve the platform’s capacity.

Shytoshi Kusama, recognized by the community as the Shiba Inu leader, responded to worries about the difficulties investors experienced with Shibarium after its launch. Kusama reassured the community, stating everything is under control and the challenges arose from an unexpected user boom.

In a recent blog post, Kusama expressed confidence, emphasizing that everything is proceeding smoothly and that the Shiba Inu team is actively addressing the situation.

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Why the Worry?

Worries grew among several investors when they encountered difficulties accessing their transferred funds on Shibarium. Kusama clarified that the bridging process is functioning perfectly.

Lucie, a Shiba Inu marketing expert, mentioned that some individuals exploited this situation to spread misleading information about the project. This even involved unauthentic screenshots hinting that Kusama had accepted the disappearance of funds.

Kusama Clears the Air

Kusama stated clearly in his recent blog post, “Let’s deal with the fud. There is no bridge issue, any screenshot you see of me saying any issue is false and your funds are safe. So what is happening?”

He reminded readers that the large Shiba Inu user capacity has unintentionally caused disruptions in exchanges due to overwhelming numbers, resulting in platform downtimes.

Kusama expressed surprise, noting that even their development group wasn’t immune to such challenges, highlighting the immense popularity of the Shiba Inu community.

Also, Kusama explained that the technical hitch wasn’t a flaw in Shibarium. It was the overwhelming user traffic that they hadn’t foreseen. He acknowledged that the team is already in the process of enhancing the platform’s capacity.

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Shibarium Sees Tremendous Adoption

Kusama shared that they had reserved 400 million compute units monthly through an agreement with Alchemy. However, Shibarium’s launch saw a whopping 160 million compute units used in a mere 30 minutes.

This significant difference between expectations and reality might lead to daily compute units in the billions if the pace keeps up. Kusama proudly highlighted that such figures are on par with top-tier layer-2 networks.

In addition, within the initial 15 minutes, Shibarium recorded deposits of 1,000 ETH and 600,000 BONE. Kusama expressed astonishment at this rate of adoption, taking the chance to praise the Shiba Inu community’s robustness.


Shiba Inu Team Now Works to Scale the System

Kusama reassured the community about their commitment to upgrading the platform to manage the user surge. He simply asked investors for patience.

He said, “Give us time to scale with the amazing team at Unification and others, and then bring up our amazing chain once again so that we can start our journey towards perpetual decentralization.”

Lastly, Kusama warned investors to steer clear of any unofficial links other than, noting potential risks. It’s worth noting that malicious entities often exploit such situations, preying on uninformed investors.

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