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Shiba Inu Team Urges SHIB Holders to Move Their Assets to Shibarium. Here’s why

Shiba Inu marketing strategist Lucie (@LucieSHIB) recently put out a post on X, addressing the issue of token burns in the Shiba Inu ecosystem. Lucie’s post called on SHIB holders to move their assets away from centralized exchanges to Shibarium, the new Shiba Inu scaling solution platform.

Lucie began her message by addressing a common misconception regarding Shibarium’s role in the SHIB token burn. She clarified that questioning when Shibarium would burn SHIB tokens misses the mark entirely. According to her, the real question is when users would SHIB holders migrate from exchanges to Shibarium.

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To further strengthen her point, she drew attention to the now-bankrupt FTX, one of the largest exchanges in the crypto industry. She did this to highlight the dangers of users relying on centralized crypto exchanges to manage their tokens.

Lucie pointed out that Shibarium burns tokens for every transaction, not based on the posts people make about burns. The only way to burn SHIB tokens is to use Shibarium, and she asked, “With millions of holders, why not support this move?”

She also highlighted that fees on Shibarium are currently almost negligible. However, she mentioned that the transaction fees could increase as traffic increases.

Lucie continued, “It’s adorable to see people hyping burns and never use Shibarium.” She reminded everyone that burning SHIB had to be a collective effort by the community and not something to disturb the developers about.

To put it simply, the more Shiba Inu enthusiasts embrace Shibarium, the more SHIB tokens get burned. Lucie underscored that the Shiba Inu community possesses the potential to achieve significant token burns, provided SHIB holders join the burn movement.

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Burns are an important strategy for raising the price of SHIB. This can be seen in the boost the price of SHIB received as the burn rate surged. The sooner the devs can get the community on board with Shibarium, the better it will be for every Shiba Inu community member.

In a different post, Lucie drew attention to Shibarium’s robust security. She assured users that assets stored on Shibarium would be as safe as on any other exchange. She also called on OpenSea, one of the largest NFT marketplaces, to integrate Shibarium.


The call to action is clear: Embrace Shibarium and contribute to SHIB token burns. Embracing Shibarium will put every user’s assets under their control without compromising on security. This could be a new era for Shiba Inu, with Shibarium leading the charge.

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