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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Team Assures Community of No Flaws With Shibarium Amid Widespread FUD

Lucie from the Shiba Inu marketing team has confirmed that developers are actively working to solve the Shibarium bridge issues.

As concerns over the Shibarium bridge grew, Lucie reassured the Shiba Inu community of the team’s efforts to overcome the setback. Shiba Inu’s lead, Shytoshi Kusama, clarified that the issue stemmed from a sudden surge of users, not a flaw in Shibarium.

Lucie reinforced the team’s dedication to fixing the bridge problem. She countered false claims made through a deceptive screenshot allegedly showing Shytoshi Kusama admitting fault, confirming that developers are pursuing a solution.

She tweeted, “I would post my chat, but we weren’t very polite. It’s a lie and a malicious attempt to harm the Shiba Ecosystem. Whoever talks to Shy, KNOWS THAT’S not how he talks. Devs are working on it. We will update you, Docs are coming too.”

Tensions Rise In Discord

Lucie responded to accusations and misinformation about the bridge issue on platform X. She underscored the need for truthfulness and cautioned against spreading fake news, hinting at possible legal repercussions.

She targeted those who shared doctored images of Shytoshi Kusama admitting errors with Shibarium and declaring funds losses. She firmly stating these images were fabricated.

As disputes intensified on the Shibarium Discord platform, Lucie implied that some users were purchasing BONE tokens to perpetuate misinformation. She proposed stricter entry criteria to maintain positive discussions.

Trophias, an ex-member of the now-dissolved Shiba Inu Defense Team, countered Lucie’s statements, denying any wrongdoing by the Shadowcats group.

Matters heated up when Trophias advised Lucie to avoid legal warnings, suggesting they liaise via legal channels instead.

She said on X (formerly Twitter) “Hey @LucieSHIB, Take your own advice and stop being crazy. Newsflash. The Shadowcats are not buying Bone. My lawyers are ready to talk if you are wanting to threaten me with legal consequences.”

Input From On-chain Professionals

Amid the ongoing drama, CryptoLeadDev, a recognized software engineer and blockchain expert, offered his perspective on Twitter about the bridge’s challenges, suggesting it’s a manageable concern.

Drawing from his experience, he mentioned that many bridges utilize a “vault” system, enabling developers to manually transfer tokens when needed.

Although hopeful about a manual fix, he stated that he hadn’t personally analyzed the Shibarium bridge contract. Moreover, Hopium Collector, an anonymous investor on Discord, highlighted the upgradeable nature of the Shibarium bridge contract.

This commentary aimed to instill confidence in the community, suggesting potential for problem resolution through technical upgrades.


An adaptable contract gives developers the flexibility to adjust its features to rectify issues without impacting its primary functions. Meaning, if a problem arises with the bridge, a solution could involve rolling out an enhanced contract.

The Shibarium Bridge Problem

Shytoshi Kusama recently shared insights on the matter, emphasizing the issue wasn’t due to Shibarium’s design. Instead, he attributed the problem to an unexpected user boom, acknowledging the team’s current focus on system expansion.

The Shibarium bridge concern became public recently with rising media coverage. According to reports, roughly $1.7 million in ETH was trapped in the contract, a number that has since grown to $1.8 million.

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