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Shiba Inu (SHIB) Developers Change Shibarium Testnet Chain ID: Details

To address the FUD surrounding the upcoming Shiba Inu scaling solution, developers have implemented a notable change.

Per a Friday update dropped by Ringoshi Tōitsu, the operator of the Unification validator node and a top Shiba Inu community member, the Shibarium Testnet Chain ID has been changed to a unique code. 

Whale Alert

Prior to this update, the Shibarium Testnet Chain ID was 917, similar to the code of the Rinia network. As per the screenshot shared by Ringoshi Tōitsu earlier today, the Testnet code of Shibarium has been modified to 719. 

“BREAKING — Shibarium Testnet Chain ID has officially been updated from 917 to 719,” the validator node operator wrote. 

This development comes after a major FUD was recently thrown at the Shibarium project by non-community members. The FUD spread was that the Shiba Inu layer-2 solution developers copied the entire codebase of an existing project known as Rinia to launch Shibarium’s Puppynet.

Both Shiba Inu developer Kaal Dhairya and Firechain testnet developer Krypstein promptly refuted these claims, stating that Shibarium is not a clone of Rinia.

According to Dhairya, the only similarity between Rinia Network and Shibarium’s Puppynet was the Chain ID.

The SHIB ecosystem developer added that the Shibarium Testnet code —917— was chosen in 2022 before Rinia picked it up for their project’s Testnet. Dhairya then promised to deploy a new version of Shibarium Puppynet with a unique Chain ID to avoid further FUDs. 


Accordingly, the broader SHIB community expressed their excitement at the promise kept. As reported, the Shibarium documentation that would serve as a guide for users is ready but is under review to fine tune the details.

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