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Shiba Inu Lead Dev Pushes For SHIB ETF Following Approval of All Ethereum ETFs

The recent approval of spot Ethereum ETFs has reignited discussions about a potential Shiba Inu (SHIB) ETF. Shytoshi Kusama, the lead developer of the Shiba Inu project, recently alluded to this possibility on X, sparking speculation within the SHIB community.

The approval of spot Bitcoin ETFs in January 2024 marked a significant milestone for cryptocurrency integration into traditional finance. The new investment vehicles attracted substantial inflows, contributing to a wider market surge that propelled Bitcoin to a new all-time high. This success has prompted industry observers to consider similar exchange-traded funds (ETFs) for other prominent cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum.

Recent news of Ethereum ETFs has already generated excitement within the crypto community. Ethereum, the world’s second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, boasts a robust ecosystem of decentralized applications (dApps) and smart contracts. An Ethereum ETF could offer investors a convenient and regulated way to gain exposure to this rapidly growing sector of the blockchain industry.

The Excitement Around a SHIB ETF

Shytoshi Kusama’s social media post regarding a SHIB ETF capitalized on this enthusiasm. Should a SHIB ETF come to fruition, it could offer several potential benefits for the Shiba Inu project. Firstly, an ETF would provide a new and potentially more mainstream gateway for investors to enter the SHIB ecosystem.

This could broaden the investor base for SHIB and contribute to increased token liquidity. Additionally, an ETF listing could enhance the overall legitimacy and credibility of the Shiba Inu project within the traditional financial landscape. Whales are scooping up SHIB because of the Ethereum ETF approval, and excitement is building in the community.

When Will SHIB ETFs Be Approved?

The path towards a SHIB ETF is not without hurdles. Currently, no financial institutions have shown public interest or applied for SHIB ETFs. Regulatory approval for any new ETF product remains a complex process, and the SEC does not have a general framework for automatic approval.

Furthermore, the success of a SHIB ETF would likely hinge on several factors beyond its mere existence. The overall health of the cryptocurrency market and investor sentiment towards SHIB would all play a crucial role in determining its adoption and impact on the SHIB token’s value.


However, the success of the Bitcoin ETFs has convinced many that a SHIB ETF will perform similarly. The potential benefits of a SHIB ETF for the project’s growth and mainstream recognition are significant, and other cryptocurrency communities like the XRP community are also pushing for ETFs for their preferred digital asset.

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Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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