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Ripple Settling With the SEC Would Be a Loss for the World, US Congressional Candidate Says

January Walker, the United States congressional candidate, has joined the list of those supporting Ripple in the two-year-long XRP lawsuit, where the Gary Gensler-led SEC is the plaintiff.

Per a Monday tweet, January Walker brought to light the critical nature of the Ripple-SEC case, highlighting how the ruling of the XRP lawsuit would affect the crypto industry and the entire web3 movement. 

Particularly, the female congressional candidate stressed why it is important for the San Francisco-based crypto solutions company to win the SEC. 

According to her, the outcome of the longstanding Ripple-SEC lawsuit would set a standard on how the government would handle other cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects. On these grounds, Walker urged the entire crypto community to show support for Ripple and XRP, citing that unification is key to achieving the right crypto legislation. 

She wrote, “If Ripple settles it will be a loss for the whole world and WEB3. The world follows the actions of the USA, and how the government handles one of us, sets precedence for how they handle all of us. Instead of battling against each other claiming one group is better than another we need to work together for the right legislation.”

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Cardano Founder Speaks on Settlement in the Ripple vs SEC Case

It is worth noting that January Walker’s comments go in sync with the standpoint of Charles Hoskinson, the CEO of Input Output Global (IOG). According to the Cardano founder, a settlement in the XRP lawsuit would do the crypto industry no favor, adding that it would be catastrophic for the nascent space. 

As earlier reported, Hoskinson remarked that there is a rumor in circulation which predicts that the crypto solutions company could settle with the SEC on December 15. 

However, Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse noted that a settlement with the SEC can only occur if the securities watchdog provides clarity on XRP. On the other hand, the Ripple CEO has demonstrated confidence that the SEC won’t score a victory in the XRP lawsuit. 

Likewise, John Deaton, the attorney representing thousands of XRP holders as a friend of the Court in the ongoing case shared why he acknowledges that the SEC’s Motion for Summary Judgment would be denied.


Jeremy Hogan, another top US lawyer, noted that the SEC winning the two Ripple executives is near impossible, even if XRP is deemed a security.

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