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/RESPAWN: Future of Web3 Gaming, an Open-Access Virtual Summit on February 8 – Presented by the Tezos Ecosystem

New York City, NY, 4th February, 2022,

  • /RESPAWN is an open-access one-day virtual gathering of some of the most prominent figures in the gaming and sports industries to explore the future of gaming on Web3.
  • The event will be held on Tuesday, February 8th, 2022, from 11:00 AM–4:30 PM EST.
  • Participants include representatives from premier Esports franchise Team Vitality, iconic MMORPG game developer CCP Games, actor Khleo Thomas, executives from The Sandbox, Stillfront Group, McLaren Technology, Rarible, Dogami, Interpop, and many more.

/RESPAWN: The Future of Gaming on Web3 is a one-day virtual summit on Tuesday, February 8, 2022, presented by the Tezos ecosystem. Tezos is an open-source, Proof of Stake blockchain network with on-chain governance that allows community members to propose upgrades to the network, enabling it to constantly evolve and stay ahead of competitors’ performance capabilities. Major brands and sports franchises from gaming giant Ubisoft, leading Esports franchise Team Vitality, F1 teams Red Bull Racing and McLaren Racing, to iconic MMORPG game developer CCP Games have chosen to build Web3 experiences on Tezos, making it the blockchain of choice in the rapidly-moving category.   

/RESPAWN will feature an engaging speaker series with leading brands, developers, entrepreneurs, gamers, and fans from around the world as they explore the world of Web3 and gaming. With the lines beginning to blur between traditional mainstream gaming in Web2 and the future of gaming on Web3, the summit invites participants and attendees to reflect on how far the gaming and sports industries has come, where it is today, and what its future holds for 2022 and beyond.

“/RESPAWN is yet another example of why our team is proud to wear Tezos on our jerseys,” said Nicolas Maurer, CEO of Team Vitality. “We recognize the importance of uniting the esports and gaming communities and identifying how we can come together to build a fan and player-centric future. I look forward to this incredible opportunity to represent Team Vitality at the first-ever Tezos ecosystem gaming summit and take part in an engaging discussion with an impressive panel.”

Web3 is a new cultural and technological movement to rethink how structures of ownership, privacy, and value are built and controlled. Tezos, a leading energy-efficient blockchain network, is powering part of this revolution, enabling sports brands and gamers to explore new experiences and transform how they connect with their communities. 

“There is no question that we are in a time of great momentum that is growing towards blockchain gaming,” said Evgeniy Medvedev, Head of Partnerships (Sports/Lifestyle) at Rarible. “While it may be clear that the future of gaming will be on Web3, we need to ask ourselves: how will we get there, and more so, what do we want in-game experiences to look like? /RESPAWN represents a unique opportunity to discuss these questions and build unity through engagement across the Tezos ecosystem.”

/RESPAWN will live-cast eight sessions:

  • What Should Gaming and Sports Executives Know About Web3 (11:00 AM–11:40 AM EST)
    Stillfront Group’s Alexis Bonte and Dogami‘s Max Stoeckl dive into the world of gaming and why executives should stand ready for Web3 in a conversation moderated by Decrypt’s Andrew Hayward.
  • The Future of the Gamer Experience (11:50 AM–12:30 PM EST)
    This panel will be moderated by Founder & Executive Director of Postreality Labs, Jesse Damiani, and will address questions surrounding what is in store for the future of gaming with Dogami’s Bilal El Alamy, CCP Games’ Ivan Goncharov, and The Sandbox’s Sebastien Borget.
  • Competitive Gaming on the Rise (12:40 PM–1:20 PM EST)
    Team Vitality’s Dan Madesclaire, McLaren Racing’s Leeston Bryant, and Emergents TCG’s Corey Burkhart to discuss the rise of competitive gaming. What’s next for competitive gaming as NFTs create an experience “outside of the servers”?
  • Exploring the Web3 Revolution (1:30 PM–2:10 PM EST)
    Moderated by TZ APAC’s Marissa Trew, this panel brings together a diverse group. Coindesk columnist Leah Callon-Butler and ATTN Chairman Ivan Yeo join together to address how in-game NFTs have the ability to revolutionize traditional business models and empower artists around the world.
  • Building Sports Communities (2:20 PM–2:50 PM EST)
    Moderated by Blokhaus Global Communications Director Reid Yager, this panel invites McLaren Racing’s Lindsey Eckhouse, Team Vitality’s CEO Nicolas Maurer, Rarible’s Evgeniy Medvedev, and Chief of Staff at the Tezos Foundation Mason Edwards, who will cover how technology can be a catalyst for uniting sports fanbases.
  • Changes in Creator & Brand Engagement Trends (3:00 PM–3:40 PM EST)
    InterPop’s Brian David-Marshall, investor Alon Goren, Golden Goals’ Guillaume Martin, and Blokhaus’ Mark Soares explore the evolving trends for creator and brand engagement – and how blockchain technology and NFTs are building new avenues for creators and brands to connect directly with users and consumers. This panel will be moderated byJason Schlossbergof Huge.
  • Metaverse: Content Creators and Streaming Platforms (3:50 PM–4:30 PM EST)

/RESPAWN’s final panel includes actor Khleo Thomas, Snipfeed’s Rédouane Ramdani, Livepeer’s Shannon Wells, and GIF Games’ Joab Garza. Blokhaus’ Reid Yager will moderate a deep dive into the current landscape of content creation, content hosting, and the metaverse.

Blockchain technology is evolving at a rapid pace and is quickly showing the world that its capabilities and usage is far wider than simply NFTs. Over the course of the last year, blockchain gaming has seen an explosion of growth, as it is now possible for players to digitally own items and assets, allowing them to seamlessly transact and interact, in addition to playing to earn rewards. 

As one of the fastest-growing entertainment sectors, the global market cap for gaming is currently $180 billion, which is expected to increase by 50 percent to around $268.8 billion by 2025. The number of esports streamers is expected to reach one billion by 2025.

Tezos’ energy-efficient design and low costs to mint and transact NFTs have subsequently attracted a diverse community of gamers, artists, collectors, and builders around the world. With Tezos home to major NFT platforms, more brands are choosing to build on Tezos than ever before. Other notable organizations building on Tezos include The Gap, Ubisoft, Bank of France, Societe Generale, music NFT platform OneOf and more. Tezos also recently exhibited a highly successful NFT interactive experience at Art Basel in Miami Beach 2021.

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