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Projected Timelines For Cardano (ADA) to Surpass $3, $10, and $389

Cardano’s fast-growing community and ecosystem has prompted a natural question for holders: how high could ADA’s price climb in the long term? While predicting the future of any cryptocurrency comes with uncertainty, some analysts have provided timeframes for a potential price increase.

Changelly’s Timeline

Changelly, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange has thrown its hat in the race, suggesting a measured climb for Cardano’s price over the next two decades.

Changelly does not foresee Cardano surpassing its current all-time high of $3.10 until 2028. Its analysts predict a minimum price of $3.65, an average price of $3.75, and a maximum price of $4.23. This timeframe is significantly longer than some more optimistic outlooks by prominent analysts.

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Changelly’s prediction becomes more bullish in the following decade. By April 2031, Changelly suggests Cardano could finally break into the double-digit price range, with a minimum price of $10.49, an average price of $10.85, and a maximum price of $12.37.

Possible Entry into Triple-Digit Territory

Changelly expects Cardano’s growth to continue into the next decade, with ADA finally breaking into triple-digit territory in March 2040. Changelly predicts a minimum price of $108.09, an average price of $114.47, and a maximum price of $132.35. For the rest of 2040, Changelly sets an average price of $389.14 and a maximum price of $448.47.

AI Tools Weigh In On Cardano’s Future

To gain a broader perspective, we consulted the popular AI tool ChatGPT. The chatbot acknowledges the possibility of Cardano reaching Changelly’s predicted price of $448.47. However, the AI tool believes ADA can reach that price by 2035 if the cryptocurrency market “sustains its momentum and receives widespread adoption.”

ChatGPT also highlighted the Cardano Foundation’s role in ADA’s future, as it emphasized that continuous ecosystem development could help ADA reach its target.

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Cardano Foundation’s Continuous Development Efforts

The Cardano Foundation plays a crucial role in the network’s growth trajectory. By actively building on the Cardano ecosystem to attract more users and capital. Its continued focus on ecosystem development could significantly influence Cardano’s future adoption and value.


Cardano Foundation’s dedication to fostering a thriving ecosystem strengthens the case for Cardano’s long-term viability. Hundreds of projects joined the ecosystem recently, and with continued growth, ADA could surpass the $448.47 target long before ChatGPT’s 2035 projection.

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