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Professor Edward Kim Transfers CommonWealth Admin Role to Terra Classic (LUNC) L1 Team. Here’s why

In a recent update that appears to be generating controversy within the Terra Classic ecosystem, Edward Kim reportedly vacated his administrator role in the Terra Classic discussion forum CommonWealth on Tuesday, with his previous role now transferred to L1 Joint Terra Classic Task Force (L1JTF) project manager. 

Edward’s decision to forfeit his role was community-driven as the Terra Classic community continues seeking means to incorporate a decentralized style of governing the Terra Classic project.

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“Prof Edward Kim has transferred the admin role of Terra Classic Commonwealth to L1 Terra Classic Task Force,”  Vinh Nguyen, the project manager at the L1 Joint Task Force (L1JTF) tweeted, while also acknowledging the HappyCattyCrypto’s (HCC) role in the whole saga that resulted in the change.

HCC’s Role That Resulted In Edward Vacating His Administrator Role 

Moves to relieve Edward of his position began after HCC reported that Edward Kim, Rexx, and Bilbo Baggins implemented a significant change without the approval of the LUNC community.

Meanwhile, the three officials implicated in HCC’s report were in charge of the transition from the Terra Classic discussion forum to the Commonwealth. 

Having reported the three officials, HCC submitted a proposal to relieve them of their admin roles while recommending the L1JTF project manager as a potential replacement. 

The proposal was successful and passed on July 31st, with more than 94% “Yes” votes. Kim respected the community members’ decision by stepping down for Nguyen. However, Baggins and Rexx remain adamant about dropping their positions anytime soon.

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What Is the LUNC Community Saying? 

As expected, the latest development spurred mixed reactions and comments among the Terra Classic community members. 

Some LUNC enthusiasts who seem to support the new development claimed that it was a step in the right direction for decentralization. While some members think otherwise, especially concerning the circumstances surrounding the removal of administrators.

At the same time, some LUNC users, highlighting the singular fact that two out of the three implicated officials are still holding to their respective positions, remarked that the proposal might turn out to be void. 

Baggins, the co-creator of the CommonWealth Discussion and one of the implicated officials claimed that Nguyen’s takeover was never free from tricks and hostility. 

Baggins stated, “If you want to have a CW for Terra Classic, by all means, please go ahead and make your own and see if the community engages with it. Do not try to use governance in an attempt to steal the one that I have made for the community.”

In addition, Baggins noted that the new L1JTF project manager should have consulted the affected officials before making any move. “Some advice for you as the new “L1 Lead” – don’t try to mount a hostile takeover of something that someone else has put effort into for the community,” Baggins added.

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In an unsuspected twist of events, Baggins emphatically stated that Nguyen’s admin role transfer has been reversed since Kim never consulted him or Rexx before transferring his position to the L1JTF project manager. “I have removed your adminship accordingly,”  Baggins stated.

Impacts Of Disputes Like This On Terra Classic (LUNC) Growth 

While disputes like this remain inevitable, efforts towards preventing them are crucial, as they are notorious for impeding growth, especially now that the Terra Classic (LUNC) project is on the verge of revitalization.

It is worth noting that privacy concerns surfaced in the past, resulting in a heated argument that saw two key developers, LuncBurnArmy and Fragwyerdig, relinquishing their roles in the development team.

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