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Pro-XRP Attorney John Deaton’s Twitter Handle Hacked to Promote Fake Token Called “$LAW”

The teeming XRP community members have joined in spreading the news of the hacking of John Deaton’s Twitter handle. The account was hacked to promote a fake token known as $LAW.

John Deaton is the popular attorney representing over 75,000 XRP holders in the ongoing lawsuit between Ripple and the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Obviously, he has represented them perfectly well so far.

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The hack of his account was noticed on the 4th of June after the hacker tweeted to promote the fake token $LAW in the guise of Deaton, the real owner, to deceive the unsuspecting followers that trust him.

The hacker tweets thus, “Presenting $LAW, the official token derived directly from @CryptoLawUS. $LAW introduces an innovative approach to tokenization and DeFi, centred around crypto regulation and jurisdiction.”

After the above tweet, lots of posts have been shared on the Twitter account to push $LAW’s fake narrative. Other pro-XRP lawyers have also been using various ways to raise alarm before people lots of people start to fall victim to the premeditated scam.

John Deaton, the affected lawyer, has also been using the law firm’s Twitter account to warn people to ignore the promotion. In one of his replies, he wrote, “This is NOT a tweet from John Deaton. His phone was hacked.”

Deaton warned further, We are NOT offering any token and this tweet we are replying ti is NOT from John. His phone was hacked.”

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Account Recovery May Take Up to 3 days

Deaton also communicated with the crypto community and his teeming followers via his daughter’s Twitter handle.

According to the lawyer, Twitter informed him that it may take up to three days before he could regain access to his account. He thereby called on the Twitter CEO Elon Musk to fix the damaging loophole.


“This is John E. Deaton tweeting from my daughter’s account. i still do not have access to my Twitter account. Twitter informed me that it could take 1-3 days. @elonmusk this must be fixed. worse case, i will see you on @CryptoLawUS’s Tuesday Livestream at 3 pm EST to discuss.”

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