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Popular Smart Fingerprint Company Based In Australia Adopts VeChain Blockchain

Laava, an Australian technology company that specializes in the protection of products and luxury goods from global counterfeiters through its Smart Fingerprint technology, has aligned with VeChain, the leading enterprise-grade layer 1 smart contract-enabled blockchain, to improve and optimize its services.

VeChain Partners With Laava

Per an update, Laava has scored a strategic partnership with Sunny Lu’s VeChain, which delivers sustainability and traceability solutions through its low-carbon, highly scalable smart contract blockchain known as VeChainThor.

Whale Alert

In justifying their choice of VeChain, Laava highlighted the capabilities, functionalities, and uniqueness of the 34th largest crypto project by market cap. First, Laava described VeChain as “a global leading enterprise-friendly blockchain company that aims to connect blockchain technology to the real world by providing enterprises with blockchain-enabled solutions suited to their business needs.” Laava added that “VeChain Technology is a pioneer with strong independent development capabilities.” 

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Laava was established to proffer effective solutions for the ever-increasing problems with QR code vulnerabilities and to also ensure that producers’ and brand owners’ products are not being exploited by global counterfeiters and luxury goods swindlers

To achieve this, the team developed the patented Laava Smart Fingerprint. According to the Australian technology company, there are currently more than 5 million Laava Smart Fingerprints deployed into export markets around the world on products like cherries, wine, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals. 

Though founded in March 2017, Laava was introduced into the market in 2019 and it has since connected business owners directly with their consumers while adding value to the overall supply chain. 

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Part of the partnership acknowledgment read

“Laava is pleased to announce our strategic partnership with VeChain Tech. With Laava, VeChain is also a member of APAC Provenance. We’re looking forward to announcing exciting new projects in collaboration with VeChain soon.”


The adoption of the VeChainThor blockchain by top businesses and nations continues to rise, which highlights the capability of the blockchain platform. Recently, UCO Network also sealed a long-term collaboration with VeChain to build infrastructure and open new opportunities in the Used Cooking Oil industry.

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