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Over 570 Million XRP Moved Within 24 Hours. Here’s Where They Are Heading

Whales are still moving huge amounts of Ripple’s digital token, XRP, regardless of the instability of prices in the crypto market. In the last 24 hours, data shows that more than 570 million XRP have been shuffled between unknown wallets and several top crypto exchanges.

Per data from Whale Alert, the most advanced blockchain tracker and analytics platform that reports large crypto transactions, approximately 572,967,762 XRP tokens have been transferred by XRP whales within the last 24 hours. 

These large transfers were executed using several top crypto exchanges like Bittrex, Bitso, Bitstamp, and mysterious whale wallets. Bitstamp alone processed about 137 million XRP transfers; Bitso handled 135.9 million XRP transactions while Bittrex was involved in the movement of 30 million XRP tokens. 

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XRP Movements in the Last 24 Hours

In the last 24 hours, more than 572.9 million XRP were shifted in 9 transactions. Among these large XRP transactions observed by Whale Alert is the movement of 300 million tokens between unknown wallets in two transactions of equal volume (150 million XRP). 

The largest exchange-to-wallet transaction showed that 65,900,000 XRP worth $22,268,608 were transferred from Bitso to an unknown wallet.  In another transaction, 40,000,000 XRP worth $13,412,145 were transferred from an unidentified wallet to Bitso. 


40 million XRP worth $13,412,145 was again transferred from an unknown wallet but this time sent to Bitstamp. Whale Alert further reported a 37,067,762 XRP token transfer to an unknown wallet from Bitstamp. This transfer was worth $12,428,955.

Also, 30 million XRP tokens worth $10,012,438 were shifted from an unknown wallet to the Bitso exchange. Likewise, 30 million XRP were moved from Bittrex to another XRP whale wallet.

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In the past hour, 30 million XRP tokens have also been shifted from an unidentified wallet to the top crypto exchange, Bitstamp. This was worth $9,987,308 at the time of the transaction. 


While whales continue to move large volumes of XRP tokens, the intent of these actions is yet to be known since they have little or no effect on the price of XRP. At the time of writing, XRP is trading at $0.3324.

Meanwhile, based on the scheduling update shared by James K. Filan, a supporter of Ripple and former federal prosecutor for the United States, the XRP lawsuit filed against Ripple by the SEC could be given a summary judgment in March 2023.

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