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Terra Classic Community Has Burned Over 218 Million LUNC This Week: Details

The energetic Terra Classic community continues to burn millions of LUNC daily in a bid to stage a historic comeback for LUNC. So far this week, over 218,076,512 million LUNC have been taken out of circulation forever via different burn contributions.

According to data extracted from the LUNC burn tracking platform Terrarity, a total of 55,742,954 Terra Classic native tokens were sent to the official burn wallet on Sunday.

Whale Alert

The independent validator LUNC DAO was among the notable contributors, burning a total of 1,623,888 LUNC in one transaction. Meanwhile, two other validators Burnalot and LUNC808 burned 54,350 LUNC and 33,808 LUNC respectively on Sunday. 

While 38,975,975 LUNC was burned on Monday, the highest burn volume this week was recorded on Tuesday. Terrarity data show that a whopping 63,395,453 LUNC was burned in multiple transactions from different contributors including autonomous validators on Tuesday. 

Among the contributors to this record burn was the top validator on the Terra Classic network HappyCattyCrypto. The validator sent over 9 million (9,006,805) LUNC to the Terra burn wallet at 9:25 GMT. The transaction which had the memo ‘HappyCattyCrypto Node Burn #003’ paid a fee of 18,013.61 Lunc. 

HappyCattyCrypto currently ranks the 12th-biggest LUNC burner with a total burn volume of 43,021,314 LUNC, according to the LUNCPenguin platform. Data further showed that an unknown wallet sent 7,235,382 LUNC to the burn wallet on Tuesday. The massive burns cascaded to Wednesday when 34,818,266 LUNC was flushed out of the Terra Classic supply.

LUNC Burn Chart
Source: Terrarity

LUNC Burn in the 24 Hours

At the time of writing, more than 25 million LUNC have been taken out of the Terra Classic total supply courtesy of different autonomous validators and users. This massive contribution of 218 million LUNC to the Terra Classic burn initiative this week has taken the total burn volume to 38,126,948,316 LUNC. 


Recall that the Terra Classic community intends to reduce the supply of LUNC from the initial 6.9 trillion tokens to 10 billion. At press time, the Terra Classic total supply is 6,871,060,744,823. Considering the community’s enthusiasm and the many projects rolled out with LUNC burn support, the Terra Classic community could reach its goal.

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