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Orbonex Review 2023 | Selecting the Ideal Orbonex Account for Your Financial Objectives

Tailored Success: Choosing the Right Orbonex Account for Your Financial Goals

A critical step in aligning with your financial aspirations is selecting an account type that best suits your needs.

Orbonex offers a range of account options, each tailored to different trading styles and financial goals. This part of our review will guide you through the variety of accounts available on Orbonex, helping you make an informed choice that aligns with your individual trading strategy and financial ambitions.

Starter Account: A Foundation for Success (£250 Minimum Deposit)

For those taking their first steps into the world of online trading, the Starter account at Orbonex serves as a solid foundation.

With a minimum deposit of £250, users gain access to 24/7 technical support, expert chart analysis, and a 7-day free trial for an expertly managed account. The Starter account is designed for beginners, offering a risk-free introduction to the dynamic realm of financial markets.

Bronze Account: Stepping into Private Market Analysis (£10,000 Minimum Deposit)

As users gain experience, the Bronze account becomes a compelling option.

With a minimum deposit of £10,000, this account level includes private market analysis, customer support on WhatsApp, an introductory class personalized to the user, and guaranteed access to three financial markets.

It’s a step up that provides additional tools and resources to traders who are ready to delve deeper into market dynamics.

Silver Account: Weekly Meetings and Expert Assistance (£25,000 Minimum Deposit)

The Silver account caters to traders seeking a more hands-on approach to their financial journey.

With a minimum deposit of £25,000, users enjoy private market analysis, weekly meetings with an expert analyst, 24/7 technical assistance, and membership for an expertly managed account.

This level of engagement ensures that users have consistent support and expert insights as they navigate the markets.

Gold Account: VIP Signals and 24/5 WhatsApp Access (£50,000 Minimum Deposit)

For those aiming for a higher level of involvement and support, the Gold account offers an enticing package.

With a minimum deposit of £50,000, users benefit from private market analysis, weekly meetings with an expert analyst, 24/7 technical assistance, 24/5 access to WhatsApp dealings department, VIP signals, and access to all events.

The Gold account is designed for traders who seek a more comprehensive and personalized trading experience.

Platinum Account: Full-Protection Trade and Expert Insights (£100,000 Minimum Deposit)

The Platinum account at Orbonex represents a pinnacle of tailored success.

With a minimum deposit of £100,000, users enjoy the perks of an expertly managed account, 1:25 leverage, zero withdrawal charges, 50% default trading insured, access to the dealings department and an analyst on WhatsApp, a monthly full-protection trade, and monthly market research.

This account level is for traders who demand top-tier support and comprehensive protection for their trades.

Black Account: Invitation-Only Prestige

The Black account stands as an exclusive and invitation-only option. Tailored for elite traders, it represents the epitome of personalized success on Orbonex.


The specific features and benefits of the Black account are reserved for those who receive an invitation, reflecting Orbonex’s commitment to providing a bespoke and privileged experience for its most esteemed traders.

Orbonex Review 2023 | Selecting the Ideal Orbonex Account for Your Financial Objectives

Final Thoughts: Orbonex as a Partner in Achieving Financial Goals

Orbonex positions itself more as a partner than just a trading platform in the journey toward financial success. Its diverse array of account options caters to a wide spectrum of traders, from those just starting out to the more experienced. This flexibility allows individuals to select a solution that best fits their specific trading needs and financial objectives.

The platform’s focus on personalization and supportive trading experiences underlines its commitment to not just facilitate trading activities, but also to contribute to each user’s unique financial journey.

Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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