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MicroStrategy CEO: We’re In Here for the Long Term, Bitcoin (BTC) Is Going to Outclass All of Us

Michael Saylor, the co-founder and CEO of MicroStrategy, the world’s largest public holder of Bitcoin (BTC), has once again showcased his optimism about the future prospect of the flagship cryptocurrency.

In a recent interview, Julia Chatterley, a CNN International anchor and correspondent, asked Saylor if Bitcoin (BTC) could go bust.

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MicroStrategy CEO replied, “We’re in here for the long term. Bitcoin is going to outlast all of us. I’m quite sure of that.

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Chatterley continued asking him if there’s a need for the crypto industry to get regulated before Bitcoin (BTC) can start a fresh meteoric price uptrend.

In response, Saylor said:

Yeah, I think it’s clear that the people are confused, and regulation will be constructive because clarity will help the market mature. The people are confused about what’s a currency, what’s a commodity, what’s a security, what are tokens.

There’s 19,000 cryptos out there. I think we can see in the crypto crash that the average investor’s been taken advantage of by traders and by wildcat crypto banks and as the regulators come in and they clear up this confusion and they introduce rules of the road, it’s going to be good for mainstream investors.

It’s going to be good for corporations. It will catapult the industry from the entrepreneurial offshore anything goes stage into an institutional mature asset class.

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The CNN correspondent also asked whether it’s too risky for retail investors to purchase crypto at the moment.

Saylor said:


Well, I think the challenge is if you wait for a decade for everything to be cleared up, the price of Bitcoin is going to be 10 or 100 X more than this right now.

“So, you have to choose whether or not you want to enter knowing that there are about a dozen things that are going to mature the asset class and make it more transparent or whether you want to wait for all those things to take place and then pay a much higher price when it does.

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