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Market Strategist Says “Great time to be in XRP”. Here’s why

Cryptoes (@cryptoes_ta), a prominent technical analyst on X, has shared his belief that the risk of entering the XRP market is currently minimal, presenting a potentially lucrative opportunity for investors. This sentiment comes amidst a renewed surge in the altcoin market following a brief dip.

While other altcoins have participated in the recent upswing, XRP has yet to experience a significant price increase. However, Cryptoes views this as a positive sign, suggesting an imminent rally for XRP. He argues that the limited downside risk makes it an attractive time to invest.

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Technical Indicators Point to Bullish Trend

Cryptoes bases his assessment on XRP’s resilience around the $0.5 price level, which has established itself as a strong support zone. Notably, XRP has remained above $0.5 for the past 30 days, with only a minor dip recorded on May 1. This stability goes back longer, as XRP has consistently found support around the $0.5 level for months.

Further supporting Cryptoes’s view is the extended consolidation period observed in XRP’s price chart. Several analysts have pointed out that XRP has been in an accumulation phase for roughly six years.

This price pattern forms a symmetrical triangle and is widely interpreted by technical analysts as a bullish continuation pattern. One analyst recently noted that XRP’s accumulation is one of the longest in crypto history, and multiple analysts have proposed various price targets for XRP upon a breakout from this trend.

Bullish Market Conditions Favor XRP

Beyond technical indicators, the overall market sentiment strengthens the case for a potential XRP upswing. The prevailing bull market is expected to propel most major altcoins to new highs.

Additionally, XRP’s lack of substantial movement since the bull market began seven months ago is seen as a precursor to a characteristically explosive growth phase for the cryptocurrency. The digital asset also displayed a delayed response in 2017, and it could be repeating history.

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While Cryptoes and other analysts anticipate a future surge, some retail investors perceive the current price stagnation as a negative indicator. One prominent figure in the XRP community called out Ripple executives for this underperformance in February.


However, Cryptoes’s analysis suggests this lack of upward momentum might be a sign of underlying strength, laying the groundwork for a significant price increase in the coming months.

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