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LUNC News: Terra Classic Developer Group Prepares for v2.2.0 Core Upgrade

The L1 Terra Classic Task Force (L1TF), responsible for the development of Terra Classic (LUNC), has revealed plans for an upcoming core upgrade.

The v2.2.0 upgrade is expected to bring significant improvements and advancements to the Terra Luna Classic blockchain. As part of their announcement, the L1TF unveiled details regarding the testing and deployment timeline, as well as the potential impact on LUNC and USTC tokens.

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Progress on v2.2.0 Core Upgrade

Vinh Nguyen, a developer from the L1 Terra Classic Task Force, highlighted the completion of Sprint 2, which took place from August 8 to 21. During this phase, the team successfully released the first version (rc1) of the core v2.2.0 upgrade.

Currently, the development team is collaborating with the front-end and contract teams on the rebels-2 testnet to ensure backward compatibility and a smooth transition.

The v2.2.0 core upgrade includes several important improvements to the Terra Classic infrastructure. Key changes involve upgrading the cosmos SDK to SDK 46, migrating to CometBFT for tendermint, and updating IBC-go to v6.

Additionally, the migration of wasmd is now complete. The developer group aims to finalize the mainnet upgrade by the end of the third sprint, which is expected to conclude in September.

Furthermore, the team is exploring the possibility of migrating the oracle and the 20% VP limit logic from the forked cometbft and cosmos-sdk to the core. This integration would allow Terra Classic to utilize the canonical cometbft and cosmos-sdk, resulting in reduced maintenance efforts.

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Maintaining LUNC Cap Proposal

The L1TF also evaluated the LUNC cap proposal, which would prevent the chain from minting more LUNC in each block. While this measure would impact the primary source of income for delegators, validators, and the community pool, the developer group recommends avoiding this change as it may have adverse effects on the chain’s stability.


Additionally, the L1TF closely monitors developments related to the community-owned Station, Finder, and wallet, aiming to track progress in those areas.

As Terra Classic’s L1 Terra Classic Task Force prepares for the v2.2.0 core upgrade, anticipation grows within the community. The expected positive impact on LUNC and USTC prices further underscores the significance of this monumental update.

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