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Ledger Renounces Co-Founder’s Derogatory View, Says It Proudly Supports XRP

XRP community has had a lot to deal with since the beginning of the lawsuit filed against Ripple by the SEC, which puts the securities status of XRP into question.

Ripple’s ongoing fight against the SEC should be termed as a fight for the future of the crypto industry because it could end up bringing regulatory clarity to crypto assets. However, the community has not enjoyed the expected support from other crypto-related projects.

From Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson, who tagged XRP community members as conspiracy theorists to Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin. Let’s say Buterin’s grudge against the embattled community is understandable, how do we justify the recent Ledger co-founder’s derogatory statement about XRP?

In a semi-viral video on TikTok, Eric Larchevêque classified XRP as a centralized shitcoin that doesn’t deserve to be called a cryptocurrency. He disrespectfully put the digital asset in the level as the imploded digital currency, Terra (LUNA).

Putting XRP at the same level as LUNA implies that the Ledger co-founder expects XRP to collapse like LUNA in the long run.

Expectedly, the video sparked outrage in the XRP community, as many holders of the embattled crypto asset threatened to ditch Ledger.

Although Larchevêque has come out to say that his viewpoint does not represent Ledger’s position, the members of the community insist that he’s still wrong for attempting to bring XRP down.

Eric Larchevêque tweeted, “The thing is I’m not in charge since 2019. This really has nothing to do with what Ledger is actually thinking and doing about XRP. Ledger has always been supportive of XRP, even when others delisted it.”

Ledger Team Disowns Co-Founder’s Viewpoint about XRP

Since the video went viral, the Ledger team has been doing its possible best to appease the enraged XRP community. Some members of the community demanded an official apology from the hardware wallet.

In response to a user’s comment, the Ledger team said the co-founder’s view doesn’t represent Ledger’s position, stating that it proudly supports XRP.

“Hey – Eric’s view doesn’t represent Ledger’s position of being chain-agnostic. We proudly support XRP on Ledger Live!”


In another tweet, the Ledger team said, “these comments do not reflect our views. We are chain agnostic and welcome the XRP community here at Ledger. We proudly support XRP on Ledger Live, where it can also be bought and swapped.”

Despite the pleas and clarifications, some XRP community members are still insisting that they have ditched the Ledger wallet forever.

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