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Join the revolution: trade cryptocurrencies with confidence on Bit24

Cryptocurrency market or investing in digital currencies has been one of the most interesting global markets in recent years. The price of digital currencies is influenced by factors that constantly change and in the ups and downs of prices, they are considered the best option for investment. Stay with us to learn more about digital currency pricing and identifying upcoming coins in the crypto market. You can check cryptocurrency prices on Bit24 platform.

The price of digital currencies

There are many factors on the price of digital currencies, which include things that, because they are offered and used, cause usefulness, support of users, acceptance in the market, etc. Identifying these factors helps to identify the true value of a token before any.

Contrary to the wishes of fiat, the price of digital currencies is not issued by the central bank and is not supported by the support. This is the reason why monetary and banking policies, including gold backing, do not affect the efficiency rate of the price of cryptocurrencies. It should be mentioned that the support of governments can increase the price of digital currencies, but the nature of international currencies other than this model has caused other factors, including the amount of consumption and consumption, to have a greater impact.

Factors on the price of digital currency

As it is said, factors affect the price of digital currencies, the most important of which are:

Offer and request

The price of digital currencies is also based on the offer and consumption like any other product, if it is offered at a higher price.

Number of tokens

Another important factor on the price of digital currencies is the number of tokens or coins. Some digital currencies such as Bitcoin have a fixed supply cap and only 21 million of them will exist, and others such as Ether have a cap.

The cost of extraction

New digital currency tokens are generated through a process called mining. This process includes calculations to perform the next block in the block, which is done with the aim of keeping the time required for each block constant. The mining process is carried out by the network of non-miners, for which it is received in the form of digital currency tokens. If the cryptocurrency price that miners get is enough to cover their costs, they lose. Since the activity of miners is to continue the work of the blockchain network, with the increase in the price of mining, the price of the token or coin also goes up.

The halving event

A halving is a predetermined event that occurs every four years on the Bitcoin network, during which miners halve to validate and add new blocks to the blockchain. This mechanism speeds up the creation of bitcoins, which in turn increases the price. The growth in the price of Bitcoin is usually absorbed into the digital currency markets, and the price of altcoins also increases.

Identifying upcoming coins in cryptocurrency

In the crypto investment market, the coins that have a higher investment value are called upcoming coins. To ensure profitability in investment, one should seek to choose cryptocurrencies with low risk and higher profit potential.

One of the best options as future coins is to know about digital currencies with a small number of coins. One of the most important options for those looking to buy and hold long-term digital currencies with a limited number will be to reach very high prices in these currencies. Digital currencies with a small number of coins have a lot of potential to grow and provide the best investment conditions for users. Due to the small number of coins, these cryptocurrencies will most likely be traded at very high prices if they are of good quality.

Join the revolution: trade cryptocurrencies with confidence on Bit24


Digital currencies backed by gold

Another suitable option as future coins are digital currencies that are backed by gold. There are different types of tokens with different uses in the digital currency market. For example, medical tokens are designed specifically for the financial field, some for the health field, and some fields such as DeFi, etc., and there is also a group of tokens called stablecoins, whose price is always fixed and Equivalent to a dollar, pound or fiat currencies. Some tokens are also priced based on global gold price fluctuations. In fact, instead of buying gold, you can buy these tokens and sell them at the right time after making a profit.


The most important way to guarantee profit in cryptocurrency is to be familiar with digital currencies, their prices and identify high-yield currencies. In this article, while introducing the factors affecting the price of digital currencies, we introduced some upcoming coins in the crypto market. For more information on digital currencies and important points of the cryptocurrency capital market, use the educational articles on the Bit24 site.

Solomon Odunayo
Solomon Odunayo
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